Lockable Sliding Screen Door With Dog Door

If you are creating that perfect spot or oasis for yourself this year including nice seating, and can picture yourself relaxing with a drink in one hand, then the last thing you will want to hear is whining at the patio screen door from your furry little friends!

Usually they wait until you are outside and sat down and closing your eyes and relaxing before they either paw at the screen or yip. So, you get up and let them out, check out the holes in the screen from their claws, and they do their business or hang out for a bit, then they ask to go back inside as soon as you have sat down again.

My cat used to do this every five minutes like I was his maid or something. But what I didn’t know is that you can get an affordable option to stay relaxed and let them come and go as they please and that is with a sliding screen door with dog door. This is basically a pet door that fits right into your screen. It is lockable so you are not inviting other critters in when you are not outside, and it actually is very easy to install.

Screen with Dog Door

You simply decide on your screen where you want it to be. As you can see by the picture, you will want it near the

Sliding Screen Door With Dog Door

bottom of the door and then you actually clip the frame of this dog door right into the screen. You don’t cut first which was always my fear. You actually clip it into place and once you are happy with the position you cut the screen away from inside the frame. So you don’t have to remove the screen door to do this, you can do it quickly where it stands.

Now you need to show your pets how to use this. If you have a big dog then you need to get a dog door that will fit him, so measure him first before you purchase as you can get many different sizes, but the one pictured here is for a large dog. But your cat could use this too. You can get smaller ones as well. You don’t want one too small and then have him getting stuck half way through and dragging your door off the rail.

Start by placing a treat on the outside of the door on the ground and then open the door with your hand so he or she can see the treat. They will probably stretch their neck in to get at the treat the first time. Put another one further away and go outside and be waiting on the otherside of the door. It will not take them long to figure out how to operate the pet door in the sliding screen door.

If you put it close to the opening of your screen door, then you don’t need to have the sliding window completely open. This way your pets can come and go as they please without bugging you to let them in, and hopefully protecting what is left of your screen door.

Screen Door with Dog Door

You may find at first the novetly of this door will have them going back and forth, but at least you won’t have to get up and deal with it.

The good weather is here, so let everyone relax and soak it up. So outfit your sliding screen door with a dog door and enjoy your oasis.

If you have an indoor cat that you don’t want wandering around you could also set up a outdoor cat shelter for indoor cats so they can enjoy the day as well.

You can also get a outdoor dog water fountain so your pets can drink while outdoors and even a pet potty so they don’t mess up your yard. Enjoy your space in harmony with your pets.