Loft Beds for Dorms

Lets face it, dorm rooms aren’t’t big. Finding space for everything you bring is tough. One of your best options is probably going to be a loft bed. These offer a nice place for you to store things or even create a desk area. Placing loft beds over door ways can also free up space along walls or windows.

Now if you’re handy or someone in your family is then you can probably find some plans on-line and build your loft bed yourself. Just keep in mind you need to know the exact dimensions of the area you are building the loft bed in, how high you want it, and that your mattress will fit properly. Also make sure you use good sturdy material that will support your weight or if you use it as storage, the weight of the items you put up there.

There are also plenty of kits available that could easily serve your purposes. While they may be more expensive and not as customizable as one you build yourself, they are easier to assemble. Plus if you aren’t’t handy they can take some of the fright out of this endeavor.

Some kits can be expensive but they do come with plenty of amenities beyond just a desk and a ladder. For instance: shelving for your books and CDs and a futon chair that could fold out for extra company.

Finally don’t forget to decorate, this will be home for the next several months so make it your own style!