Log In With FaceBook? No!

Just about every other site now offers you the wonderful opportunity to log in via FaceBook. You don’t have to create a new account. Isn’t that just peachy?

Some people think it’s a time saving device. It isn’t. It is a spy ware device. It is a way to get more information about you than Facebook already has.

Google has long since proven that it can’t be trusted. In the article on Stalking mentioned above in the ‘spy ware’ link I mentioned the fact that every single Search you do is saved. Saved and sorted and used. Used to find out about you. Used to tailor Ads for your interests.

Facebook, like Google knows that there is money to be made somehow through gathering and selling information. The ‘how’ has been problematic. There’s just so many Ads one can stick on a page, and the fact few even glance at them has proven it isn’t the best mode of commercialisation.

Being able to track people has some use to those in particular branches of government. Hence, it does seem to suit Facebook to know where you go on the ‘Net and what you do.

The idea of privacy seems lost. This is because too many people think they are alone in their bedrooms typing away on their computers, and don’t realise every keystroke is being captured.

Those who have sensitive positions or deal with sensitive information know enough to be totally disconnected from the Internet to the extent that the Computer can not send or receive information. I don’t mean just pulling out the jack, I mean having a computer which can not in any way be connected to the Internet and any information on that computer which is to be transmitted must be copied from it, physically; that is by a person inserting media and activating the copying process.

As many computers have ‘wireless’ connections, this means that there need be no jack, hence sensitive agencies do not have any form of connectivity on the machines used to store the information.

As Facebook has become obstreperous and can not be trusted, do not connected your Facebook account to any other site.