Logical reasons as to why we can't travel through time and space

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So many times kids and ourselves when we were young, have watched many science-fiction movies showing a certain professor or geek getting into some kind of a machine with a seat, and a reading showing scaling of time that he wishes to travel with a pull of a lever.
Well, no evidence has been proven to show that wormholes exist. Wormholes are believed to be short-cuts to another time or distant galaxy. Bermuda Triangle is out of the picture too. If Bermuda Triangle was a time portal, the whole oceans would have been sucked in, including us! Some science-fiction fanatics have also gone to an extent of claiming that the missing Malaysian plane Flight MH370, went to another time zone or dimension.
On the basis of logic, here are my own personal observations as to why we can’t travel through time:
1. We can’t dematerialize – This means that we can’t alter our body and become energy, so that we are able to travel through time. For people with psychic abilities, it will take a lot of work and time to do it. Try getting milk from a chicken and you’ll know what I mean.
2. Time can’t be manipulated – I don’t mean to be cruel or anything, but time is normally constant in its own pace. Whatever happened in the past will remain in the past. The future on the other hand, is a time that can only be reached in its own pace, and when we reach it, we call it the present.
3. Wormholes and time portals disobey the laws of physics- These are believed to be short-cuts to another time dimension or distant galaxies (as I mentioned earlier). To get through a wormhole, you have to first become energy itself. To reach the other end, you have to change from energy to solid form once more. All of these defy the laws of physics! I hope you don’t believe that a rabbit actually comes out of a hat, magically speaking.
4. No visitors from the future – This reminds me of a movie that I once watched of aliens dressed in silvery clothes, intermingling with stone-age people. Ok, on the reality part, I haven’t seen or heard about any being from the future or past in any corner of this beautiful, blue ball.

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Logical reasons as to why we can't travel through time and space, Seekyt
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