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London Lush Surroundings


London’s numerous parks add to the beauty of the city. It is recommended to get an accommodation at one of the Hyde Park hotels in London.

London, England, is proud of being a major economic capital in the world. The city has become a popular holiday destination owing to its architectural wonders including the various historical monuments and Royal palaces. London is equally well known for its lush parks, the scenic beauty of which have mesmerized generations in the city. The historic Royal parks of the city are a big delight for tourists as these parks are full of attractions and recreational activities that they can enjoy. These parks throw lights on the beautiful architecture of the city with numerous memorials and eye-catching statues that are housed there. In fact, these are perfect places for tourists to immerse in the history of London and its culture too.

London has an abundance of lush open spaces. Central London, which is the most popular part of the city with tourists, is home to five Royal parks as well as hundreds of small garden squares. One of the major Royal parks close to London’s entertainment hub i.e. West End is St. James Park.

St. James Park has been through numerous eventful changes ever since its existence that dates back to over 500 years. The park inherits its name from St. James’s Palace which was the hunting lodge of Ling Henry VIII who made the park his deer hunting manor. It was in 1603 that King James I made considerable changes to the park by draining the swampland and landscaping it. Redesigning of the park was carried out by King Charles II in 1660 and later again in 1664. The existing design of the park was created by John Nash at the order of George IV in the 1820s. Today, the park serves as a popular leisure venue for locals and visitors alike.

The Regent’s Park is another popular Royal Park of London widely visited by tourists. The original name of the park is Marylebone Park and its styling was done by John Nash. The Regent’s Park is known for a beautiful lake where herons can be seen in large numbers. Visitors can enjoy numerous sports in the park, such as football, cricket, softball, hockey, rugby, tennis and frisbee. The park is home to numerous terraces including Gloucester Gate and Cumberland Terrace, and nine villas including Winefield House and Albany Cottage. Other attractions near the park include the awe-inspiring facades of Park Crescent.

Hyde Park remains the best and most popular Royal park of Central London. After being a private deer hunting park of Henry VIII who took it from the cannons of Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park became a public park at the order of Charles I in 1637. Today, locals and visitors enjoy numerous recreational activities here from playing outdoor sports to sightseeing. Some popular attractions in the park are Princess Diana’s memorial oval shaped fountain, the Speaker’s Corner, the 7 July Bombings memorial, the Serpentine Lake, the Serpentine Gallery, Marble Arch and Holocaust Memorial.

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London Lush Surroundings
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