London Sightseeing Tours

Choose from hotels near London Victoria to stay in the centre of London. Many sightseeing tours also operate outside the station.

London can be experienced in many different ways. Exploring the city on foot is a great idea for those who are there on a long holiday. Visitors on a short vacation in London must plan their itinerary well in advance considering the city is full of tourist attractions and you surely would not want to miss any of them. London has a number of tour companies that offer exciting bus and/or boat tours to visitors. Tours for kids are also provided by many companies. A bus tour in London is also a great way to get around the city and see its many attractions and know which ones you would like to explore further. The best place to catch a tour bus is Victoria Station in central London. This is also convenient for visitors staying at a hotel in this part of the city.

A tour of London by bus is surely a memorable experience and an inexpensive way to visit most attractions of the city. One of the popular tours that depart from Victoria Station is the Original London Sightseeing Tour that promises a lot of fun and recreation to passengers on board. It is very convenient as passengers can hop off at any attraction and hop on back at any stop. Although, visitors can start their tour at any stop, it is highly recommended to commence it at Victoria Station as the station boasts of popular vicinity. Buckingham Palace, Victoria Palace Theatre and Westminster Cathedral are located in close proximity of the station. Apart from these attractions, visitors will ride past Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Downing Street. Recorded commentary is played in several languages including English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Italian and German.

Visitors who wish to enjoy themed tours must go for Premium Tours that depart from Victoria Station. Depending on the theme of the tour, visitors are taken to different sites. For instance, if the charming history of London has captivated you then you can be a part of the ancient tour. On the other hand, a modern tour takes you to all the modernized areas of the city.

Visitors snubbed by the Royal aura of the city can buy a royal tour package. For instance, Sightseeing Tours London offers full day Royal tours that take the visitors to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Palace. These tours ride past attractions including Big Ben, Parliament square, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Downing Street. Visitors can also enjoy the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace and later enjoy lunch at a famous pub of London.

It is advised to get information about at least three London tour companies before making a decision. Some companies also offer you London guidebooks for your convenience. Also, reach the bus spot outside the station on time to avoid delay your tour.

It is recommended to book a room at any of the hotels near London Victoria. You can make a booking by visiting right away.