Are London’s Rats Out Of Control?

640px-Street-rat cc licence Edal Anton Lefterov

640px-Street-rat cc licence Edal Anton Lefterov If you live in North London, you expect to cross paths with a mouse or two, maybe even a rat at some point during your time in the city. But recent news of mouse infestations in shops is making us wonder, is the problem getting out of hand?

Mice problem in stores

We’ve all seen the stories in the newspapers, shops in North London and beyond are suffering from infestations of mice, rats and more. Rodent droppings and vomit are being found,  and shops are being fined for the public health risk created. But how much can stores do to ensure that they don’t develop a pest problem?

How to avoid the problem

When it comes to an infestation, this does not refer to the odd mouse or two that runs through a shop or public space. Instead, an infestation is when a large number of rodents create a risk to public health in such a place. The first way shops and other public areas can avoid such issues is to focus on cleaning. The cleaner an area is, the less of an interest it is going to be to mice and their ilk.

The next stage

However, sometimes a store is beyond the point where just a serious spring clean is going to make the difference. At this point it may be necessary to go to more extreme measures. North London pest control services are an effective and humane way to deal with an infestation that is threatening to affect one’s livelihood.

If you are concerned that you may be developing a rodent problem, it is important to seek help immediately. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pest control.

Photo credit: Edal Anton Lefterov, CC License.