News Long Live your Hard disk

Long Live your Hard disk


Alright, now you have a hard disk (doesn’t matter internal or external) in which you store all of your lovable data and suddenly it crashes and everything is gone! Gone forever! What can you do in such case? Let me tell the truth, you can’t do anything to get your data back once your hard disk is crashed.

Hard disks can be very painful. If this has ever happened to you, you would know how one feels when his/her hard drive is crashed. We spend some good amount of money on buying hard disks and hope that it would not crash but it does. Even if it is in warranty period, then also it hurts a lot as all of your data is still gone and cannot be recovered. So this article is about how to prevent your hard disk to be crashed.

First of all, just to let you know why does a hard disk drive crashes. There are several reasons like imperfection in installing the hard disk, fluctuation of voltage, any physical damage etc. Now you know some reasons why hard drives crashes,So lets discuss the main thing, how to prevent them from being crashed.

  • Physical Damage – This is a very common problem and can be prevented easily by being a bit more careful while handling, installing,uninstalling the drive. For External Hard disk drives, a protective cover can also be used.
  • Voltage Fluctuation – This is the main reason why hard drives gets crashed. Sometimes, when your hard drive falls from your hands accidentally, there is no harm to your hard disk. But if you attach your hard disk to a computer with improper Voltage stabilizer, there is a good chance of your hard drive getting crashed. You must use a UPS to increase the life of your hard disk as it acts as a whole stabilizer for your computer system.
  • De-fragmentation and Viruses – They don’t crash your hard drive but help you to protect your valuable data. It is highly recommended that you defragment your PC at least once a month for speed and performance. Also, viruses can be very stubborn. Even if your hard drive down’t get crashed, they can take over your data in the drive and cause you some heart pain.
Long Live your Hard disk
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