Long Standing Support from Nimas Medical Aid

Nimas Medical Aid were established in 1951. That means they have 60 years’ experience, making them one of South Africa’s longest standing medical aid providers.

Their age does not indicate any sense that Nimas are outdated. Technologically sophisticated, Nimas have a computer program that allows for processing of claims on a twice-monthly basis. You can rest assured that Nimas are working as hard – if not harder – than your average medical aid provider to get your claims filed ASAP.

Their experience makes them also one of the country’s most reliable, as does their financial backing. Owned by the Metropolitan Health Group, a company listed on the JSE as being the second largest health care administrator in the country.

Non Profit means Low Monthly Contributions

Nimas Medical Aidare, surprisingly, a non-profit company. All surpluses are fed back into the company to ensure greater benefits for you, the client. Their non-profit status also ensures that your get cost-effective health care and consistently low monthly contributions.

Some of these benefits you can enjoy thanks to their non-profit status are free counselling, advice and assistance for health care matters, as well as personalised customer service, which includes regular on-site visits and claim collection.

These solutions can be seen in some of their predesigned packages, which are aimed not only at individuals and families, but at small, medium and large enterprises.

The Classic package offers unlimited cover for major medical needs, as well as chronic medication for your 26 predefined PMB (prescribed minimum benefits). You will also receive day-to-day cover with added benefits, along with preventative treatment.

The Core option, a hospital plan which offers balanced hospital cover, also provides clients with chronic medication and PMB-related consultations. Clients are also entitled to free flu vaccinations, among other additional benefits.

The Supreme scheme is just that: supreme. This scheme offers maximum cover for major medical needs, which includes unlimited hospitalisation at 100% of the Nimas rate. This applies to designated hospitals only, however. As always, clients who opt into the Supreme scheme are given generous day-to-day benefits on top of their scheme’s cover.

Use IFC to Compare what Nimas is Offering

By using online services such IFC (www.medicalaid-quotes.co.za), you can compare their medical aid schemes side by side with medical aid schemes from other providers. This convenient service helps you to cut through the chaff and establish clearly which medical aid would suit you and your family best.