Longest Lasting Cat Litter: Tips, Recommendations And Options In Choosing One

Longest Lasting Cat Litter

Like humans, your pets also deserve a personal area where they can purge unwanted substances thus owning longest lasting cat litter is a must for pet owners. As you can notice the term “pet” is used instead of “cat”. This is primarily because cat litters can also be used in other household pets such as rabbits. Furthermore, providing your pets with a disposal area would greatly benefit your home’s cleanliness. In this point of view, the question is how to choose the best cat litter that can provide you with function, style and durability at the same time?

Options one can take in choosing a cat litter
In the context of cat litters, there are various materials used in creating it. Depending on your preferences you can choose any of the following materials.

  • Clay – Traditional cat litters are made of this type of material. It is considered as the cheapest litter sold in the market. The disadvantage of using this type of material is durability. Meaning, it won’t last longer than expected even with proper maintenance. Furthermore, asthmatic felines will have a problem in using this type of litter due to dust production.
  • Biodegradable materials – Now that global warming has become a major issue, “green things” are imperative. What does being “green” means? Basically, these types of materials are obtained from natural sources such as grains and saw dusts. Compared to clay litters, this type of litters are more long lasting provided that maintenance is properly done. The only downside is the price. These types of cat litters are highly expensive. If you’re going to replace it once month, it may not be a very cost-effective idea.
  • Crystal materials – Lastly and the one considered as longest lasting cat litter is made of silica gel or also known as crystal cat litters. These types of litters are good in reducing foul odors. It can even outlast litters made of biodegradable materials. This is if proper daily maintenance is performed. A classic indication that replacement is in order is when a yellow color manifests.

Choosing the right litter box

In choosing for the right cat litter, several factors come into play. You have to ask yourself these questions in order to determine the best type of litter box for you.

First and foremost, the primary question you need to ask yourself is how many cats or pets will utilized the litter box. Obviously, every material undergoes a wear and tear process. If there are too many pets using it, longevity is not 100% guaranteed. Another question is the convenience of maintenance process such as daily cleaning. It is strongly advised that daily scooping is done in order to ensure durability. However, there are certain types of cat litters such as those made of biodegradable materials that don’t require you to do cleaning in a regular basis.

Tips and Recommendations

There’s only one basic rule to ensure long lasting cat litters. First is regular cleaning. This is the best way for you to improve the litter’s longevity. In doing this, you have to scoop everything out. Finding the longest lasting cat litter is not a matter of brand or type but through proper maintenance itself.