Longest Lasting Cat Litter

There are different cat litters products in the market and in the internet but there are no survey about the longest lasting cat litter. So, consumers must choose well about what to buy.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is a dry particulate absorbent material where pets such as cats may defecate or urinate while staying indoors. The cat litter may be put in a litter box, originally made of wood but now made of plastic. There are litter boxes which are made like cages having open doorways to provide privacy for the pet and avoid seeing the cat feces less often. There are even mechanical cat litter boxes now which provide electric mechanism that scoop the clumps out into a sealed container.

Cat litters are made of different materials. There is conventional non-clumping litter usually made of often made of zeolite, diatomite and sepiolite. Another is the clumping litter wherein the materials used have the property to clump together when wet and forms a solid mass making the cat bowel distinguishable and easy to eliminate from the litter box. There is this cat litter type which is biodegradable made from various plant resources, such as pine wood pellets, recycled paper, barley, clumping sawdust, and dried orange peel. Lots of pet owners prefer biodegradable litters because it is natural and environment-friendly. Other cat litter type is silica gel litter which has the highest absorbency, excellent moisture control, and complete odor elimination for an extended period of time compared to other types of litters.

Longest Lasting Cat Litter

Is there long lasting cat litters? What is the longest lasting cat litter sold in the market? Lots of product sold in the market claims that the product they sell is the longest lasting cat litter among the other leading brands. Actually, for a product to be considered the longest lasting cat litter, they should first make a non-biased research study about their product compared to other products. The appropriate type of research study here would be experimental type considering all the other leading brands sold in the market.

Buy where

You can buy cat litter in your favorite pet shop or any market. You can also search in the internet on online market or on the direct website of the product you want to buy – if the company has a website – and have it delivered in your home. This way you can save time and effort though spending more is the company would charge you on delivery. There a lot of cat litters sold in the market and internet of different types. There are different brand names sold in the market such as Feline Pine, World’s Best, Purina Tidy Cat, and Swheat Scoop. Try reading the labels if the materials used and the quality is good before buying them.


In buying cat litter, don’t look for the longest lasting cat litter since there is none proven product to be the longest lasting cat litter yet. You should consider the materials used in the product because there are cat litter product which contains substances which may not be harmful to humans but carcinogenic to cats. You should consider the health of your cat and your health as well because there are products that release dust or odor which may trigger asthma – consider the product which is safe for yourself, the cat, and the environment. Another consideration, you should buy cat litter that is cheap but the quality is good so you won’t be spending for your cat more than yourself. And the most important value you should possess in having a pet is being responsible. You’re looking for the longest lasting cat litter because you’re too lazy cleaning your cat’s poop – everything comes down to responsibility when handling a pet at home.