Longtail T® worker’s shirts -The Best Long Tail T-shirts for Workers

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If you run a plumbing or construction business and you receive complaints from your customers about your workers not having the proper attire while doing plumbing or other construction work, then it’s about time that you check out Longtail T® worker’s shirts from Duluth Trading. Read on to know more about this long Tail t-shirt for workers.

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In 2002, the Duluth Trading has decided to come up with the Longtail T® for the purpose of providing workers a decent and comfortable shirt to help them do their jobs in a more efficient manner. The shirt is not the same with the usual shirt that you will see in the market. It has a little bit of innovation in it.  It is considered long tail, simply because it is longer than your usual shirt. In fact, it is about three inches longer in length. As a result, this will cover up the entire back of a plumber while doing his plumbing job. This is why people would refer to the shirt as the best solution to the infamous “plumber’s butt” problem.

If you have heard about the complaints of some homeowners regarding the plumbers, they would often talk about some workers not decent enough to cover-up their butts which often exposes the moment they bend over to do their plumbing jobs. Although plumbers do not do this intentionally to embarrass the homeowner or to show indecency, this thing cannot be avoided since the shirts that plumbers often wear are short in length. By buying Longtail T worker’s shirts for your plumbers, your clients or customers will not feel bad seeing your plumber’s butt while they concentrate on their plumbing jobs.

Aside from keeping your plumbers to stay fully covered while doing plumbing works, the Longtail T worker’s shirts are also very comfortable. Your plumbers will certainly be able to concentrate on their job while wearing this t-shirt on.

So here are some of the best features of the Longtail T® worker’s shirts

·  3 inches longer than any typical work t-shirts

·  It features a generous tradesman fit

·  It comes with a roomy chest pocket

·  The printed label on the shirt will not cause any irritation or scratches on the neck.

·  It features reinforced seams.

·  The side vents at the bottom hem of the shirts are also reinforced.

·  It has a hefty size but with a comfortable fit.

·  Made up of 100 percent cotton knit fabric.

·  Imported

So if you often hear your plumbers complain about their butt cracks showing while they work, you should get them one of the Longtail T® worker’s shirts. It might cost more than the usual t-shirts that you will find these days, but just think of these shirts as an investment for your plumbing business. If your workers are wearing these shirts, your clients will not feel shock upon accidentally seeing any butt cracks while they work, and this would mean that they will hire your company again next time. Furthermore, since the shirts are so comfortable to wear, your workers will be able to perform their plumbing jobs well.

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