Look at Famous People Mugshots

If you’re looking for famous people mugshots, you can find them pretty easily online. When a celebrity gets arrested and booked in, they take pictures. Since these pictures are actually public record, they almost always get leaked out. Since a celeb getting arrested is news, you’ll quickly find the photos online. In this article, I’d like to share how to find the pictures of famous people in jail, following their arrest and booking process. Whether you’re looking for mugshots of Charlie Sheen, Cat Stevens, Brooke Mueller, athletes, actors, or anyone else, you’ll be able to find them.

Breaking News – Celebrity Arrested

Whenever someone famous is arrested, it seems to make the news. Whether it’s for a minor violation or something major, the news outlets of the world take great joy in posting the pictures on television and online. This is generally where it all starts, although the stories do often surface online through the internet before they hit the new networks. You’ll often see famous people mugshots on television and if not, at least you’ll know they will show up. Breaking news of celebrities arrested is often all over the internet, so just keep your eyes open and you will likely find some pretty cool pics of them at their finest moments.

Searching for Recent Pictures of Celebrities in Jail

Once you know which famous people were recently arrested, you’ll be able to search for the pictures more effectively. Be sure to include the name of the person you are searching for, so you can get the latest pics. You might end up being surprised to find out that many famous actors and athletes have other mugshots online for viewing, so finding the most up to date one could be harder than you think.

Old Mug Shots of Famous People

If you are looking for info on a certain celebrity that was arrested, even if it was several years back, you’ll probably have little problems finding their booking photos. Listed below are some of the methods you can use to find them.

Online Sites: The Smoking Gun, along with several other sites are dedicated to showing booking photos of celebs and some even show everyday folks. Just make sure you don’t pay for them when there is so much out there free.

Jail Sites: If you know the police agency that arrested the famous person, you visit their website online and browse through the booking photos and mugshots to see what’s out there.

Anti-Sites: Celebrities have fan sites online, but there are almost always also sites that are obviously anti-celebrity. Find those sites, since they’re the ones most likely to post the funny or embarrassing pictures to damage the career of the one in question.

Famous people mugshots are out there if you keep your eyes open.