Looking for Authentic Native American Jewelry? Let’s Talk.

Jewelry has a long and complicated relationship to history, and that is part of its appeal. The use of precious metals and rare or precious stones conveys a sense of enduring value. That value makes it important to consider all of the aspects of a transaction when one is shopping for jewelry, too. As an asset, it is something that can be valued very differently in different markets, and often the quality control in those markets does not really relate to the price breaks. If price is not the secret to shopping for authentic Native American jewelry, though, what is?

Known Artistry

Merchants who focus on curating a presentation that includes plenty of choices from known artists alongside newer works show their customers that they are thinking about their inventory as art. This means that their valuation is based on the reputation of their artists, their past performance in this market, and the demand for their work. Some merchants, like the one at this link, go to great lengths to authenticate and certify the pieces they sell, which ensures that they will retain all of their value, including their association with the artist.

The added value that a certification brings to authentic Native American jewelry really can not be over-estimated. By offering this extra layer of security and tracking to each piece, these retailers help to make sure that their work is not just viewed as an investment, but that it performs like one as well. By documenting where, when, and how the jewelry was created, and who created it, they are able to not only confirm its origin, they are also able to confirm the date it was created. As your jewelry ages, this becomes more and more important, because antique jewelry of all styles is highly valued art.

Direct Connections

Often, whether their customers realize it or not, resellers who advertise their rates as “wholesale” are actually creating or participating in a secondary market. This allows them to sell items in areas where they would normally not be available, which is great in the brick-and-mortar retail business. The digital age has created a revolutionary change in the market, though, and authentic Native American jewelry is now available directly from merchants who deal with the artists themselves, no matter how far the customer is from the region where the work is created.

Many customers do not realize this, though, which means that they may wind up overpaying. Even when the wholesale deal is a bargain, too, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain certifications of authenticity that confirm the artist. This can also change the balance of items for a customer to consider when valuing a deal.

The best way to ensure the value of any jewelry purchase is to have documentation of its authenticity, as well as a clear chain of ownership for the items themselves. The more directly a shopper can connect to the point of origin for any work, the easier this is to do, and the more the investment is able to appreciate.

Keeping all of these elements of value in mind as you shop will help you, not only to find more and better deals, but to better know the individual piece you buy.