Looking To Buy Lampwork Beads? Here Are Some Things You Need To Consider

Lampwork beads are quite unique as they are created using a very interesting technique of lampworking. Today, they are some of the most beautiful and most sought after beads. lampwork beads are handcrafted and for this reason, they are a little expensive than most other types of beads. However, there are also cheaper varieties available which have been mass produced in factories. These beads are not as good in quality as those which are hand-made. For this reason, it is essential that you are cautious when you buy lampwork beads since not all of them are the same quality.

You can find these beads in your local stores as well as in online stores such as pandahall. These beads can be used to make lovely bracelets as well as necklaces and sold online or at a local crafts fair. The quality of the beads usually depends on the expertise of the maker. Therefore, before buying, it is essential that you have first-hand information on how the beads were created.

When looking for authentic pieces, it pays to seek out reputable and more established designers. Experience really matters and true artisans would have years of it and would be masters in their art.
These kinds of beads are delicate in nature and must be properly annealed so that they attain a higher level of durability. They must get uniform heating using a kiln. There are some makers who use heat guns and open flames to make their work easier and faster, but they are only able to produce beads which are not so durable and would break easily upon impact.

A good bead would be solid throughout. It would not have rough edges or folds and cracks. A round bead would not be off-centered or puckered. Each end of the bead should be uniform if it is a long spherical bead.

You must also be aware of the flaws such as swirls and dots on the beads as this point towards uneven heating. The holes in the beads should be blown. Beads must not be drilled into after it has been made to create holes. Some of the telltale signs of poor workmanship include lines and cracks. Moreover, a quality bead will not bend. If the bead is flexible, it means that it was not evenly heated when it was created.

To make sure that you are getting what you are paying for, you must preview online. You must ask sellers questions about how the beads were made, where they come from, about the quality of the beads, etc. You must also enquire about their returns and exchange policy so you can replace the beads if you are not satisfied with the quality later on.

Checking out a number of different sellers, their reputation and feedback can help you buy high quality lampwork beads for your crafting project. Do not settle for low quality beads because they may lose their attractiveness or even break later on. Rough edges on the beads can be risky as they can cause cuts and lacerations to the wearer. Therefore, you need to be careful when you purchase lampwork beads.