Looking to find an eBook or promote your own?

Here are some sites that provide a daily list of new titles and for my current and aspiring authors here are some great ways to promote your work.
1. Bookbub
Bookbub is a wonderful resource because it advertises eBooks from the Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Smashword, Apple and Google platform. The daily emails that Bookbub sends its readers contains a short list of new eBooks. That’s a plus for eBook authors because that means your work will stand out. In order to have your work featured you have two options, either you can submit your work for review and if chosen they will promote it for free, or you can pay for a guaranteed spot. Your prices are on sliding scale depending upon how many likes/stars your work has, and prices range from $40-$250 per title. Authors can only be featured once a month and only for a different title each time. Another advantage to using Bookbub is their hundreds of thousands of subscribers as well as Twitter and Facebook followers which can help you reach a large` demographic of readers/potential customers.
2. Freebooksy/Bargainbooksy
These sister sites offer a wide array of new discount and free eBooks across all the major eBook platforms. For those looking to promote your eBook on either site, just as with Bookbub you have two options. You can promote for free if chosen or you can pay. $50 gets one of your titles featured on their website, on their Twitter and Facebook feeds, while $100 gets you all that plus a place in their newsletter. While they are not as well known as Bookbub, both sites have 150,000 readers that allows your eBook to still ranch a large number of people.
3. The Fussy Librarian
This site is new and upcoming but already has 48000 users. This site’s appeal is it doesn’t just feature any eBook only ones with 100+ stars or have a high ratings on whatever e-reader they are featured. While they do not offer free or guaranteed paid posting their prices for their chosen posts are very reasonable at a rate of $3-$13. The fact that they are so picky is ideal for authors who want to highlight the quality of their work.
As an avid reader, I utilize all of these sites to find new and exciting eBooks to read and write reviews about on my blog. In addition, as an aspiring author I find all of these sites to be invaluable promotional tools. While any of them would be a good choice on their own, I’m of the mind that you should utilize all three to promote your work. By doing so, you’ll optimize your opportunity to reach the largest amount of readers.