Looxcie lx2 complete review and specification – Easy video recording, small hi-Box

Looxcie lx2 complete review and specification – Easy video recording, small hi-Box

Looxcie LX2 combines headset and camera. The Jawbone Jambox of making music in a small space.

Camera behind the ear

More and more portable gadgets offer a built-in camera – from smart phones to the tablet to the laptop. Films are really comfortable with these devices that offer only video recording as one of many features, however. The U.S. provider Looxcie has a solution to this usability problem: does a camera that can pinch behind the ears and at the same time also functions as a Bluetooth headset for making phone calls.

The LX2 weighs only 22 grams and can record up to ten hours of video at 15 frames per second at 320P resolution. The highest quality (480p, 30 frames per second), it is still up to two hours.

The material can be uploaded onto the Internet by pressing a button when a smartphone using Bluetooth wireless camera is connected to the headset. The last 30 seconds recording land on request on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. In addition, the voice quality is due to a signal processor that filters out environmental noise, neat.

Product: LX2
Provider: Looxcie
Price: 170 €

Sound is in the smallest box

The idea of ??the Jambox Jawbone is simple: sound technically ill-equipped computers, smartphones, tablets or a readily available, technically sound speaker should receive extra ordinary. In addition to packing the manufacturer for the size quite a lot of drivers voluminous (secret) electronics for sound enhancement – High-end friends would shudder here. The end result is not bad.

First, the Jambox but are connected to a device. This is done either by simply enclosed cable or jack, which is the main purpose, via Bluetooth.

The Jambox offers an interesting user interface using speech: Thus says the device as the current battery status and logs on to work properly. Through an Internet portal can also import new ‘Voice Apps’: After installing a driver can let the talk Jambox be achieved with a super hero or voice of a soul diva. In addition, the box serves as a speakerphone.