Lortone Tumblers

Lortone Tumblers are made in the USA, UL approved, quality products. Lortone has a 3A Single Barrel Tumbler, the Lortone 33B Double Barrel Tumbler, and a Lortone replacement barrel. Lortone Tumblers are designed with quality for years of trouble free service. If you are in the market for a new rock tumbler, you’ve found the best! Lortone is a trusted name in the tumbling world and you’ll soon find out why people rank it as their top favorite.

With a 3 pound capacity barrel made of hard rubber the Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler barrel makes minimal noise, and has a durable motor which will last for years. A barrel that doesn’t make much noise is a plus when you consider that it can take a day, weeks or up to a month to tumble some stones. If you’re using the tumbler for jewelry that’s already finished, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t tumble multiple necklaces or chains at one time. You can put a few pieces of jewelry in at the same time, but more than one necklace and they will most definitely become tangled in the tumbler. Also, if the tumbler is being used for both rocks and finished jewelry you’ll want to be sure and clean it thoroughly so that tiny rocks aren’t left behind to scratch your jewelry.

While not necessary, but helpful, you may want to purchase a double barrel tumbler. This cuts your tumbling time in half as you can tumble twice as many stones and rocks. The Lortone 33B Double Barrel Tumbler is a great double barrel tumbler for exactly this purpose. The barrels are 3 pound capacity with quick seal closure. You can tumble twice as much with the Lortone 33B Double Barrel Tumbler, or use one for grinding and one for polishing. If you’re new to tumbling just be sure you have all of the accessories that you’ll need, such as tumbling rough, tumbling grit, and rock polish. Lortone tumblers are a great addition to any jewelry artist’s tool bench However you use it your gemstones will reach their most brilliant after a tumble with Lortone.