Lose Weight.. For Good!

Have you tried unsuccessfully to lose that pesky extra twenty pounds every time swimsuit season rolls around? Every summer I have faced this predicament. I usually end up losing about 5 pounds simply by cutting back on food consumption. Many of us fall into the trap of using pills and ‘wonder diet’ methods of trimming down. I personally have never utilized these methods simply because I know the weight lost from these methods is not permanent. This summer I decided to mix it up a bit and try a new strategy.

Step 1: Build a Support Group I joined a website called www.fatsecret.com. This website is sort of like a free Weight Watchers. It provides the user with a community of eager members all working towards similar weight loss goals. When registering, you input your personal details such as body type and activity level and are provided with a personalized Recommended Daily Intake. Using the ‘Diet Calendar’, members can record the food they eat throughout the day and are shown the percentage of their RDI that they are consuming. The food database provides the nutritional information for basically every food and meal out there including restaurant meals and a variety of brand name products. Another benefit of Fat Secret is the community of fellow weight-losers. Every member has the opportunity to network and join challenges with other Fat Secret members. This provides a sense of unity and support when facing your weight loss goals rather than going it alone. Personally, I have strictly participated in week-long challenges in order to pace my weight loss.

Step 2: Exercise The best exercise to lose weight varies from person to person. This summer I’ve experimented and I believe I’ve found a very successful and healthy workout routine that, combined with the healthy eating plan outlined above, can lead to a successful drop in body weight. This routine combines two different types of exercise.

Cardio- For my cardio workouts I would do two a days on the treadmill. In the morning I would walk two miles on the treadmill and walk half a mile backwards on the treadmill. It’s a very well-kept secret that walking backwards burns more fat that walking forwards. This happens because walking backwards involves leg muscles that are very rarely utilized. Around noon I would do another two miles on the treadmill at a faster pace. Important** Never do cardio on an empty stomach. This will not help you burn fat, but instead your body will begin to eat away at your muscles. Muscle development is very beneficial when losing weight.

Strength Building- When I was doing this regimen, I lifted weights in the afternoon. When you’re trying to decrease the number on the scale, you shouldn’t push yourself when lifting weights. It’s better to do a lot of reps of a small amount of weight rather than a lot of reps with a lot of weight. A lot of weight will build a lot of muscle material and muscle weighs more than fat. Small amounts of weight with a lot of reps will burn fat and help you reach your desired weight.

Combining this workout strategy and utilizing www.fatsecret.comand its welcoming community is without a doubt the most effective and healthy weight loss method that I have used.