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Lose Weight With Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract Has Many Benefits

Green Tea is a highly beneficial health product that is widely available in health stores, grocery stores and online. It’s truly amazing benefits are due to it’s helpful antioxidants.

It has 20 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C ! This helps your body rid itself of toxins. Toxins can cause all sorts of health problems.

Green Tea is safe and effective. However, it does contain caffeine but you can buy it decaffeinated. The extract is more potent and it’s benefits are stronger and more effective than drinking the Green Tea tea.The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition reported that taking Green Tea supplements or extracts will supply more of the antioxidant to your body than if you were to just drink the Green Tea.

Drinking Green Tea or using the stronger and more potent extracts can not only fight cancer but it can help to prevent it as well. Green Tea can lower cholesterol, it can help you to lose weight.

Green Tea Extract Can Lower Cholesterol

Green Tree extract has a number of major health benefits. Lowering cholesterol is one of those benefits. This can be an amazing bit of information if you have trouble with high cholesterol.

When buying Green Tea extract, make sure you are buying high-quality supplements. Drinking green tea has a lot of health benefits but there are the extract as well, which are stronger and more potent.

Lose Weight With Green Tea Extract

Green Tea can help with weight loss. Some doctors recommend it to their patients for weight reduction.

Green Tea has a natural laxative effect. This not only helps reduce weight but it rids the body of toxins, which can also help with having more healthy looking skin. With better regularity, thanks to the laxative effect, this alone can help you lose weight. Green Tea has some caffeine unless you buy it without the caffeine. Yet the amount of caffeine in the Green Tea is said to help suppress the appetite without going overboard on high levels of caffeine.The amount of caffeine in Green Tea capsules is not considered a harmful amount. Unless your doctor has asked you to avoid all caffeine, the caffeine levels should not be harmful to you in the supplements.

Remember that having a healthy diet, regular exercise and medical check-ups are also integral to losing weight in a common-sense and healthy way. One method alone, such as taking Green Tea will not necessarily help you to lose all the weight you desire. Take supplements without over-doing them because if you decide to use large, extra amounts of any supplement it might harm you, or possibly it may have no more effect than what the recommended amount was to begin with. So, use any health health product safely and responsibly and that will be the best for you.

Green Tea is known to stimulate the metabolism, which will help you to burn calories. It even helps in managing glucose levels which are also involved in weight loss.

Green Tea Helps Fight Various Cancers

The National Institutes Of Health funded a study involving Green Tea and men with prostrate cancer. Men who drank the Green Tea had less inflammation of their body tissue. Inflammation of tissue is linked to cancer growth.So, with less inflammation thanks to the green tea, that would mean a slowing down of the cancer. This of course would be of great help in the total fight against cancer that any cancer patient faces.The study proved that the Green Tea antioxidants were able to reach the prostate tissue and modified or changed it, resulting in less inflammation.

Others studies show that Green Tea inhibits and even helps prevent breast cancer. Women with breast cancer will have less recurrences of cancer {after treatment} if they use Green Tea.Consumers of Green Tea ,if they contract breast cancer,tend to come down with the less virulent types of cancer due to the Green Tea. Women who drink green tea or use Green Tea extracts are 50% less likely to ever develop breast cancer at all. This is of course,truly valuable information.

Cautions regarding caffeine;

If you do not buy decaffeinated products, make sure to find out if you are on any prescription drugs that should not be mixed with any amount of caffeine. Or, buy decaffeinated products. Caffeine can contribute to insomnia, and frequent rips to the bathroom because it is a diuretic. If you have any heart condition, ask your doctor before using a product that has caffeine. Or only purchase decaffeinated products.

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