LOTRO: Hunter Basics

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Playing a Hunter in LOTRO can be fun and frustrating at the same time. It requires a lot of patience while you learn what you can and can not do. This LOTRO: Hunter Basics guide will give you a brief overview and hopefully help you on your journey to become a deadly hunter!

  1. Stats: A hunter’s main stat is Agility. It needs to be the first thing you look for in a piece of equipment. It helps you hit and inflict range damage. Next would be Will since it governs power and without power you can not do attacks. Finally, look at Vitality, it affects morale and will help you stay alive longer. Might and Fate are minor for a Hunter.
  2. Skills: Your skills are ranged based with a few melee thrown in. You also have Traps you can use that in some cases will allow you to survive.
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Okay. Knowing the above info, you now have a basic understanding of what affects the Hunter. I did not include Equipment simply because it will be determined by what Stats are on it. I also Didn’t include legendary Items or weapons in general but I will offer this about weapons; You range weapons should have bonuses on them for your skills, inductions or range crit chance. For your melee, stick with ones that boost your major stats as mentioned above.

When attacking, get just within range and analyze the situation. Some questions to ask would be: Will more than one mob be pulled? How far above my level is he? Is the mob range or melee?

If more than one mob: Be prepared to use your AoE skills. Also set a trap to stop a mob in place. Target the mob that will take the longest to get to you that way you dont break the root on the mob that hit your trap.

How far above level: The higher the level, the higher the miss chance. These battles can be tricky. My advice is to avoid mobs in Red.

Is the mob range or melee? If the mob is range, pound him with quick, range attacks. If melee, throw down a DoT trap and lead off with a strong, range attack.

With practice, you will have an understanding geared toward your play style. There is no wrong way despite what others say. Have fun playing your class.


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