Lounging Jeans and Lounging Pants

We all have our preferred ways to kick back and enjoy a moment of true relaxation and comfort. For some, curling up on the couch with a good book and favourite beverage might be the balm for a stressful day. Others may enjoy slipping into a favourite pair of jeans, broken-in in all the right places, and taking a leisurely walk, sitting by the fire, or just watching an old movie on TV.

There are many ways to take a break from your busy life, and chief among them may be lounging in an old pair of your favourite jeans. Think about it-the downy, easy feel of denim fabric that’s been softened and conforms to all the right spots. A little give where it’s needed and a little room where necessary. The perfect lounging jeans fit you like a glove, yet move when you want to move. They are ideal for relaxing, companionable, both assuring and forgiving at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to purchase these jeans right off the rack? If only jeans could provide the same comfort brand new as they do once they’re well-worn, and broken-in, your comfort could be immediate. Being able to enjoy the feel of your favourite dungarees in a brand new pair of pants would be a wonderful investment.

Designed to give the appearance of denim blue jeans which have been broken-in in all the right places, lounging jeans are the best of both worlds. Offering both comfort and style, these jeans carry you around in style. What’s more, they are intended to be worn anytime and anywhere. With all the relaxed fit of loungewear and the rugged style of popular jeans.

A Wardrobe Icon Loosens Up

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Denim blue jeans have been around a long time. Those who know popular trivia know these pants began as rugged work clothes during the California Gold Rush of 1849. Strong enough to withstand life with the miners of that period, the first denim blue jeans were more work horse than fashion plate.

Over the next generations, “blue jeans” as they came to be known, evolved from something worn for their durability, to the popular choice for children and teens, and ultimately a fashion must-have, some of which cost hundreds of dollars.

Though fashion took hold and ran with these versatile pants, the next logical achievement for the long-favoured jeans would be comfort complementing style. Enter the lounging jeans. Combining the classic style of a clothing icon that has withstood the test of time with all the ease of pyjamas, the latest generation of jeans is ideal for both men and women.

Own Pants That are Fun

Many people-both men and women alike-enjoy stepping outside of the buttoned-up world of fashion every once in awhile to experience clothing that’s actually fun to wear. Grown-ups aren’t often afforded that privilege. It’s a rare opportunity to cast conviction to the wind and don a pair of comfortable, easy-going lounging jeans just for the enjoyment of being comfortable.

Ladies can roll them up like the popular boyfriend jeans and instantly make a fashion statement. Your new favourite jeans are versatile enough to dress up or dress down, depending on your needs. Even the guys can get in on the fun. These easy-going jeans feel as much at home at a backyard barbecue or watching your favourite team live and in-person.

Dare to Wear Lounge Pants in Public

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You can wear your new favourite jeans anywhere you’d wear dressier denim. Feel at home running errands as you do so in the total comfort of relaxed, yet stylish , jeans. Throw on a pair of your favourite pants to walk the dog, or slip into your lounging jeans when you run to the market. Lounging jeans make the perfect attire while performing your daily tasks out and about. These always stylish, always practical pants will never let you down as you go about your day, and into the night. Lounging jeans are perfect for the casual and laid back man or woman, night or day. Dressing down has become fashionable.

Spend the morning at home or enjoy a lunch date with a friend. Meet your buddies for happy-hour, or take a date to a movie. Go to the mall in comfort and style and never be afraid of looking a bit too well-worn. Lounging jeans look great anywhere. They’re versatile and durable and make you feel at ease. Ever-changing, yet significantly simple, jeans are a classic which have never gone out of style. Unexpectedly welcome nearly everywhere, your lounging jeans will soon become your favourite article of clothing.

These jeans are designed to flatter most every figure and shape. Because they conform to your body, yet have built-in liveability, you’ll never look confined or uncomfortable. You can move freely in your lounging jeans. And, after all, isn’t part of looking good feeling at ease in your clothes? When you wear your lounging jeans you’ll be the picture of ease, comfort and someone at home wherever he or she happens to be.

You’ll Want More than One Pair

Once you own one pair of these versatile pants, you’ll want to own another pair, just for back-up. As your new jeans take the place of many of the other favoured items in your closet, you won’t want to risk not having them clean and ready to help you take on the day.

Just like those well-worn cowboy boots, your father’s old button-down shirt, or a beat-up baseball cap that fits your head “just-so”, your lounging jeans will be your go-to apparel for many years. Why not own more than one pair? It makes comfortable sense to spend your day in reliable clothing that will take you from home to “out and about” without a second thought. Lounging jeans are the answer to the ages old dilemma “what shall I wear” when it comes to casual. Perfect for a day out or an evening in, lounging jeans are a wise choice. They truly are lounging jeans with benefits.