Love after fights

After love at first sight there is another kind that has always fascinated me, it’s love that starts after a series of fights.
It’s very interesting how can two people fluctuate between two contradictory feelings.
Wise men have always said that there is a tiny difference between love and hate .
In both situations, the other person arouses something in you ,either it’s positive or negative.
LOVE AFTER A FIGHT is in my opinion the opposite of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT cause in the first one you must spend a lot of time to conclude to love while the second happens in the blink of an eye.
If you love someone at first sight it means he attracted you positively but if you love him after a fight it means he firstly had a negative impression on you before it turns into love.
By the way if you have noticed they rime together!
If we try to understand it, we must study the composition of mankind.
We are curious and adventurous by nature, otherwise we wouldn’t be making all these discoveries!
I think if a woman has problems with you ,you would be keen to discover the reason, especially if you’re a playboy desired by all girls!
Either it’s curiosity that leads you to discover her personality and then you might be surprised by what you may find, or it’s the challenge to conquer the only heart that rejected your irresistible charm!
In both cases, it’s a bit hard to let go this person after the energy you spent so you find yourself falling in love.
Personally I experienced this love with one of our employees, she was smart ,cultivated and had a scary determination.
We argued all the time but she was very qualified so I couldn’t do anything to get her out of my way.

One day during a usual fight, I looked at her in the eyes and kissed her.
She pushed me , I told her I wanted to see her vulnerable.
She turned back put her arms around me and said “you will never see me vulnerable” and kissed me, she bewitched me and from that day we fell in love.
Lots of series and movies tried to exploit this huge material.
Who doesn’t remember the endless fights between Katy Logan and Bill Spencer in the Bold and the Beautiful that led to a very strong marriage.
In fact special Katy was the only woman who succeeded to win big Bill’s stony heart.
Did you forget the continuous argument between Catherine Heigel and Gerard Butler in the ugly truth.
And the best was definitely that famous scene between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr and Mrs Smith in which they fight until they look at each other and the eye contact sets off an invincible sparkle.
The strength of that scene was the trigger for the most popular Hollywood couple “Brangelina”.

Be ready guys, life is full of surprises you may find your soul mate when least expect it!