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Love at first sight


The relationship between men and women has always been complicated.
The difference between these two creatures makes you feel like everyone is speaking a different language.
All over the years ,lots of people tried to understand it but so far no one has succeeded to make the wishful breakthrough to save mankind!
One of the controversial issues is “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” every time people bring it up, it raises many questions .
Does it really exist? Can it lead to a strong relationship? Considering the lack of trust in our society lately can we fall for someone at first sight?
Personally I don’t believe in love at first sight, I think there are sequence of events that transforms a first meeting to love.
If you meet a girl for the first time , it’s the outside appeal that attracts you.
The way she looks, the way she dresses , the way she talks ,the way she walks .
All these aren’t enough to talk about love unless you’re a superficial person who cares only about appearances and be careful appearances might be deceptive !
Nowadays, her stunning beauty can be fake .
It’s the layers of makeup she puts that make her look gorgeous but if you see her in the morning she would look like a drug addict!
Lately we were surprised by the awful pictures of Hollywood stars without make up .
Those women were every man’s dream and fantasy but after the disclosure of their pictures makeup free they’ve become a scary nightmare!
I think the benefit of the first meeting is the attraction which is the first step of love , you can’t fall for someone unless you’re attracted to.
The second step is the acquaintance which is in my opinion the most important step , it leads either to love or separation.
During this period you will get to know how similar you are in your point of views, in your interests, in your habits….
In my opinion , it’s similarity that creates a strong relationship and not complementarities.
I think if you have too many common points it would be like you’re speaking the same language and this is compulsory for a healthy relationship.
Complementarities might be fruitful to reduce the effect of bed habits, for example if one of them is nervous it would be better if the other one would be calm cause the relationship would be unbearable with two nervous persons.
Sometimes, you wouldn’t have the right opportunity to experience this second step and I guess it would be you’re duty to create it if you’re attracted to someone.
You can always try to create fake coincidences to meet her and find out if she’s the right person.
I always believe that if a relationship is meant to be it will find a way but it won’t harm to give it a push!
You can try to find where she lives and stand in her way , you can give her a ride in a rainy day .
I’m not encouraging you to damage her car to be able to do it guys ,I’m telling you things that I’ve done but I’m sure you can be creative!
After few meetings, few dinners, few discussions you will figure it out.
Either that attraction you had at first sight will make your heart shiver or it would be just a new experience in your life!

Love at first sight
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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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