Love Kate Hudson Stylish Workout Clothing

I have been shopping at local stores and online for workout outfits and have not found anything that I liked.  It seems all of the outfits are too skimpy and tops are cut to show off your abs.  My husband prefers me to be covered and does not want me to wear a tight fitted second skin top.  So I was shopping for a stylish workout outfit that had a relaxed fitted top that hit at the hip.  I wanted something different and Kate Hudson nailed it when she designed her stylish workout clothing for women. Love the workout looks and they are on my must buy list.

yoga-386652_640I had heard about Kate Hudson’s new line of stylish workout clothing, but did not pay much attention to it until my hiking buddy showed up in the most adorable workout outfit. I asked her where she found the stylish look and she replied; Kate Hudso’sn online store FABLETICS.

I learned that my first workout outfit would be 50% off the asking price which was a great savings. But there was a catch I would have to agree to a subscription of buying one outfit monthly for but $49.95.  As long as the outfit fit well and was quality made I would agree to the subscription.

Checked out the website and I love the fashion looks; the prints and the relaxed tops that are hip length. I can see wearing a Kate Hudson workout outfit and feeling comfortable at the gym, hiking on nature trail.  I read the reviews and found out that many tops have pockets which are large enough to hold your car keys or cell phone.   Plus some of the gym outfits are fashion looks that  I could accessorize and wear out on a casual date with my husband.  Yes I love the stylish workout clothes because they appeal to my needs and have a unique fashion look.  This is why I say they are must buys.

Kate Hudson has designed stylish workout clothing for both men and women. Have you shopped for your workout clothing at Fabletics?