Is Love, we are part of it.

Our HEARTS often speak love, but only few do understand this language of our hearts. And only few out many can treat these our hearts with care when it come to the practicalization of love.
Love Is everywhere and in everybody’s heart. It is like the story we tell everyday. But notwithstanding, we still look for love…, and sometimes don’t find it easily.
For me, love is like a mystery. A story that can be told in many ways by different people. Something that can be fun and bitter. Something that can act between two people and cause them to be either transformed or deformed… An experience one will not be tired of having. But guess what? We say it is LOVE . “It has 4 letters just as we have in HATE”. No wonder that LOVE when practiced in a state of lack of wisdom, understanding, immaturity/or ill conception of the Love itself, can easily grow into HATRED.
But In all, I just hate LOVE for three things:
1)The more I ignore or run from it, the more I find myself very close to it. And as I try running from it, I keep on falling for it.

2) I’ve always been loved by the One I don’t love, and hurt by the
One I loved.

3) As I try to chose the ones who love me, I keep on seeing a reason to even love the One that hurts me.

Truly, we can hardly find all that we want in somebody just as regards love. That’s why it is often not easy for two to come together as one. They really have to struggle over their individual differences, and may be in the end, by virtue of understanding, come together to love themselves perfectly.
You may have seen for yourself that sometimes, people truly feel very confused and intend to cheat in a relationship. Reasons are:
* Selfishness
* Immaturity
* Lack of trust
* Lack of understanding etc.
But the truth remains that; we often don’t value those who love us until we lose them, because, we are often trying to find someone who will look perfect or come in a platter of Gold. But I tell you, “Love is a dedication”. Allow yours to be so.
Don’t practice love if you don’t know all that is required of one who loves.
If you are expecting to see all good qualities in a Man or Woman before you go into Courtship/Marriage. It is obvious then that you will live alone. There is no perfect person. We are only expected to love perfectly those whom we chose to love. And this is true love.
Don’t play with love, it is not a game. But allow love to reign within your relationship, and any other place your presence may be found, such is life and will lead you to everlasting peace/life.