loving someone

I was lost in a marriage of abuse and loveless. I spent a long time with my ex-husband. something like 14 years. I always thought how I was going to leave but I never had the strength to do it. I knew I had to get out or who know one day he might end my life. I was so depressed and had no self worth. I was on a lot of medication to help me cope with my life. I always said to myself and others that I felt like a married single women. see he was never home, always going on trips and doing side job. it was okay cause most of the time he wasn’t around. when he would be home it was awful. so when I did make it finally I lost a lot of stuff in my life. I had two dogs that I loved very much. really I think I was there so I could clean and take care of the dogs. he thought I would never leave cause of the dogs. yeah I knew I would miss them and never see them again. I had to get out and at the time yeah I lost a lot not only the dogs but a lot of my personal belongings, some of the stuff I lost I had before him. in reality I think leaving all that stuff behind sucked but I took my life back. something I never thought I could do. as I was leaving I found the man of my dreams. ive been away from ex now for almost three years so ive been with this other man about as long. I really think if I hadn’t found him I most likely would have turned around and gone back. the night I left he was only a friend. I don’t cheat even if I hate the person im with. this man I got to know stayed up me that whole night and let me talk and cry. he just listened and I felt better. we were friend for awhile. then I grew to love him cause he is so not my ex-husband. I love him cause he doesn’t hurt me or call me names. he treats me so awesome I love him so much. I like to say he was my savior he help me not go back. so every day I got better and better and I filed for divorce. I got the divorce and all the meds I was on went away too. I didn’t need them cause I started to feel so much better. today im still with the guy who I say turned my life around. today my life is so awesome. I feel like today I have everything ive ever wanted and that feels wonderful. like I have started to say my for myself cause its true. LIVIN LIFE AND LOVIN IT. all I can say is lifes to sort to me miserable. I finally now that for myself……. I also have two male cats who I love very much.. they are now my kids….