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Low Income Car Insurance – Free Baby Car Seats for Low Income Familie


Low Income Car Insurance: What if it Only Cost $100 Per Year?

If you have ‘low income car insurance’ (which I have never heard about but could, possibly, exist) and it only cost you one hundred dollars per year, then your income must be low enough that you can’t afford whatever car you are insuring! Even if the car was a gift to you from your late Aunt Nettie and is older than Nettie’s great aunt, there’s maintenance and gas and all sorts of city and state fees and taxes that all cities and states love to tag on to car owners. Maintenance alone on an older vehicle would cost more than late Aunt Nettie’s nursing home care for a year!

If your car is a newer model, or a brand new one, and you are still making car payments, and you apply for low income car insurance that only cost one hundred dollars per year, how can you justify the expense of a new car and car payments if your income is so low you can’t afford the cost of ‘real’ car insurance? Either that, or the policy is so stripped down all that’s covered are the seatbelts! Everything else is your deductible. So, let’s say someone rear ends you. Your vehicle is damaged, but not beyond repair. It was a hit and run. You need the car fixed to get to your low income job flipping burgers or scrubbing toilets at the county jail. Or putting lipstick on the ladies in the funeral home before they are laid out in their coffins. After you’ve cleaned the toilets in the funeral home. Anyway, you’ve been paying one hundred dollars a year for your low income car insurance. Time to cash in! Only, to your horror, you discover YOU are responsible for the eight hundred and seventy four dollars worth of repairs as per your deductible – but your insurance company will replace the seat belts at no charge! Lucky you!

Seriously, if you can get such a thing as low income car insurance that will only cost you one hundred dollars per year I’d say go for it. Just make sure the deductible is not sky high.

Free Baby Car Seats for Low Income Families: What About Free Cars?

You are a low income family with a baby. Someone suggest you look into getting one of those free baby car seats for low income families. Your thought, instead, is ‘What about free cars?’. After all, what’s the point of a free baby car seat if you don’t have a car to put it in? It seems like if free baby car seats for low income families are available they should have free cars to go with them. How about a change? Rather than offering free baby car seats for low income families, what about free cars instead? Even better, free new cars? Just think of the possibilities. Get an automobile manufacturer to donate cars for low income families. The catch would be the car has advertisements all over it – either for a dealership, or the maker of the car. Rather than paying for billboards and magazine ads and such, use the money for some cars with advertisement on them. If a low income family gets a free car, they’ll be sure to drive it all around! Or several areas businesses could provide the free cars, with advertising all over the cars for their businesses. Maybe they can even throw in a few free baby car seats for the low income families!

Advertising costs big money. The price of a new vehicle is most likely far less than the cost of an ad in The New Yorker. Or Rolling Stone. What low income family wouldn’t be proud to own a Ford station wagon with logos for Pillsbury all over it? Little doughboys decorating the doors. Photos of pop ‘n fresh biscuits decorating the bumper? What’s the point of giving free baby car seats to low income families if they don’t have a car, so what about free cars? And while you’re at it, throw in a gasoline card, too. What’s the point of a free baby car seat and a free car if you can’t drive the baby in the free car seat anywhere in the free car?

Low Income Car Insurance – Free Baby Car Seats for Low Income Familie
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