Low Income Home Phone Service

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It is often perceived that families on low income only need help with food and clothing. In some cases, there is more to life than just food, clothing and housing. For families with children, it is important to be able to stay in contact through some form of modern communication. It might be a teacher trying to get in contact with parents about an important issue. It could also be a parent frantically trying to call the ambulance service. That is why low income home phone service isn’t a luxury. That said, some people can get carried away and use the phone excessively without thinking about the consequences. Some end up having to pay a huge telephone bill that can leave the family indebted.

  • AT&T California
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For families or people on low income, it is possible to pay less for your home phone service. For example, a big company like AT&T has a plan or scheme that benefits low income families. However, if you live outside of California you might not be able to take advantage of the service. This offer is made possible through collaboration between AT&T and the California lifeline program. The basic idea behind this offer is that you pay a fixed price for unlimited local calls. Of course you have to meet their requirements in order to qualify for this low income home phone service.

  • Lower Rates in Other States

For those living in outside of California, it is also possible to get lower rate communication service. The lifeline plan is the most popular and most accessible for people on low income. The help you get can range from lower installation fees, lower activation charges or getting general discounts on phone communications. A lot household that qualified for Medicaid, food stamps and other state help will likely also be able to receive this service.

  • FAQ

What if you want to take advantage of low income home phone service but you have two homes? From the point of view of the government, if you’re on low income you will not be able to afford two homes. That is why your primary residence is the only location where you can apply for home phone service discount.

How much discount can you actually get with your phone bills?

Depending on how often you use your phone you should not expect to get more than $10 worth of discount per month. That is the maximum most families will get. That is to say, you might get less depending on your situation.

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