Low Income Housing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Columbus, Ohio

Low Income Housing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: What if it’s Quicker?

Low income housing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – what if it’s quicker? Quicker than what? Quicker than the time it takes to get to the middle of a tootsie roll pop? Quicker than you can say ‘Jack Sprat’? And how quick is quick anyway? Faster than the speed of sound or light? Faster than a commercial jet airplane with a full passenger load? Or do you possibly mean what if it’s quicker to get low income housing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as opposed to Rye, New York? Or is the process quicker when one lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as opposed to the process for getting low income housing in Honolulu, Hawaii? Where it can take twenty to thirty years, depending on who dies first – you or the people who work in the low income housing department.

When looking at low income housing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, if it’s quicker to get it there than somewhere else, and if you already live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then stay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Unless you are one of those high income people who can afford a house in every other state. Otherwise, if you are low income and you live there, stay there and apply for low income housing. If it’s quicker you’ll get it faster than you can imagine. And then you will have shelter you can afford. Until you get a higher income job. Then you won’t be eligible for low income housing and you won’t be able to afford a higher rent. So stay in your job, too. All the benefits, along with the fact that they are quicker, are yours!

Low Income Housing in Columbus, Ohio: Will You Move There?

If low income housing in Columbus, Ohio is available, will you move there? Would I move there if it were available? Of course I would! Never mind that I would have to pack up all my low income belongings, rent a U-Haul, get my car geared up, take the kids out of school, and leave my low income job. It would be worth it just to have low income housing in Columbus, Ohio! The question, though, begs to be answered by you. Would you move there – to Columbus, Ohio – if low income housing is available for you? You might not have much of a choice is you live somewhere like Litchfield, Connecticut, where low income housing is available only in the country where the roads stretch for miles and miles and cell phone coverage is a joke. Civilization is so far away in Litchfield, Conn., that the only low income jobs you’ll find there are babysitting and elderly care. And believe me, it’s mostly elderly care. Low income housing there consists of the outhouse.

So if the only place you can get low income housing is in Columbus, Ohio, asking will you move there is like asking do ants like bread crumbs? The answer is, yes, they like bread crumbs. And yes, you’ll move to Columbus, Ohio for low income housing and hope to God you find a low income job to go along with it! Because you would most likely have no income once you uproot and move all the way to Columbus, Ohio, you’ll be considered low income in no time and on your way to leaving that cheap motel and living, instead, in cheap low income housing. And isn’t that always worth a move?