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Low Sodium Diet for Dogs – How Salt Affects Canines


Many human foods are bad for dogs; in fact, many people foods can kill dogs. One of the things that dogs are very sensitive to is salt which is why a low-salt diet for dogs is important.

This article is about helping dogs eat a low-sodium diet, but you might also be interested in reading this article about getting B12 shots for your dog.

Effects of Too Much Salt on Dogs

A low sodium diet for dogs will help your pet live longer and healthier. Eating too much salt can cause excessive thirst and urination and lead to sodium ion poisoning in canines. According to pets.webmd, too much salt can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, elevated body temperature, seizures, and even death.

No-Salt Alternatives Are Better for Dogs

Be sure you are not feeding your dogs foods that are high in salt by always providing low-sodium food for dogs. Be careful what you feed your pet. Avoid table scraps, and be cautious about letting your dog have bits of your hamburger and other food when you are on the road. While most pet foods are supposed to limit the amount of salt in them, what about table scraps, travel snacks, and finicky eaters? It is important to read labels on any treats and always avoid feeding people food for pets. Salt is toxic to dogs.

Problems with Finicky Eaters & Elderly Dogs

Ironically, elderly or sick dogs who need the healthiest diets are often the ones who won’t eat healthy food. I was forced into the position of looking for no-salt hamburgers for an elderly, sick dog who stopped eating dog food during a time of high stress. After she stopped eating healthy dog food and rapidly dropped 1/3 of her body weight, I eventually stopped trying to make her eat dog food. She simply refused any dog food, chicken or turkey meat I prepared, including homemade low salt food for dogs.

I normally would never recommend fast food for a pet (or human), but I had to find some alternative foods she would eat while also trying to keep an eye out for hazards like salt.

Low or No-Salt Fast-Food Hamburgers for Dogs

At one point, hamburger patties were the only thing my dog would eat. Home-made hamburger did not work–it had to be fast-food. I quickly learned which burger joints would serve hamburgers without sodium. Although I eventually found five fast food places that served low-sodium hamburgers, Wendy’s was the first place I found that would fix special no-salt burgers for my dog during the 2 weeks when that is all she would eat. It saved my dog’s life, and she lived another good year before succumbing to pneumonia at age 17.

So if you are stuck in a situation where you have no other option but fast food, find a restaurant that serves low or preferably, no-sodium burgers. While sodium is toxic to canines, and a low sodium diet is important for dogs, starvation is not an option.

Low Sodium Diet for Dogs – How Salt Affects Canines
Margaret Allen
Margaret Allen is a lifelong resident of Landover, MD and a mother of two bright girls. She is a health, wellness, and family contributor at Seekyt and an experienced fitness coach and nutritionist. She helps her clients set goals and be the best and most healthy versions of themselves.

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