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LULA Elevators – Ideal for Low Rise Commercial Buildings

Commercial LULA (Limited Use Limited Access) elevators are ideal for low-rise commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, churches, airports, and universities/colleges. They are installed in small buildings where in a full-size commercial elevator cannot be installed. They need less pit area than conventional elevators and only limited space to install.

LULA elevators conform to the safety standards of the United States Americans with Disability Act (ADA). These systems come equipped with advanced features like emergency alarm, automatic stainless steel control panel, speed governor, fully automatic sliding doors, interlock system, cab lighting with stop buttons and more.

Lula Elevators – Top Models

• Orion – With all the key features of a high-rise elevator, the Orion LULA from Savaria is ideal for commercial buildings like educational settings, churches, offices and residential buildings with up to two or three floors. With a professional look it comes with several premium features such automatic sliding doors and commercial fixtures. Offering a 1400 lbs capacity and travel speed of 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s), it features an efficient hydraulic drive system that ensures a smooth ride, start and stop. A modular rail construction ensures easy installation. Other features include safety brakes, emergency stop and alarm buttons, floor specific battery lowering, digital display and more.

• Serenus – This commercial elevator from Federal Elevator is a perfect option to overcome accessibility barriers in meeting halls, clubs, churches and lodges. It features a compactly designed hydraulic pump unit that ensures smooth and quiet operation. It comes with a 1400 lbs (635 kg) load capacity and a maximum of 6 travel stops. Other features include manual or automatic entrances, automatic 2 or 3 speed sliding doors, over speed governor, final limit switch and more. It is also specifically designed to meet all the requirements of CSA B-44 or ASME A 17.1 and ICC/ANSI A 17.1 standards.

• Journey – Journey Lula from Cambridge Elevating can be installed in commercial establishments like schools, churches, multi-family housing, libraries or any other low-rise commercial buildings. With a 1,400 lb load capacity and the rated speed of 30 feet/minute, this LULA elevator features a state-of-the-art drive system and controls. Features include automatic or key control, emergency lighting, self-leveling, and line rupture valve

Choose a Reliable Elevator Dealer

Purchase of commercial LULA elevators from a reliable and reputable dealer will ensure free site assessment as well as customized installation by trained and experienced professionals. An established dealer will also see that your system stays safe and well maintained with timely and efficient inspection and maintenance services, on-call support, and repair solutions.

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