Lunch at the Tesco Cafe in St. Stephen's Shopping Centre in Kingston-Upon-Hull

The Tesco Cafe in St. Stephens

Reviewed By: eGDC Ltd on September 12, 2013

This is an okay place to eat if shopping in Tesco and do not want to go further afield for food. The food is fine but not exceptional, and the price is neither expensive nor cheap.

Tesco Cafe, Tesco, St. Stephens Shopping Centre, Park Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU2 8RW

Business Hours

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Wednesday and Saturday

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Thursday and Friday

11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday


  • Service was polite and friendly
  • Decent quantities of food

The Tesco CafeInitial Impressions

The cafe is located on the first floor of the Tesco Extra in St. Stephens Shopping Centre in Hull. It is run by the Compass Group on behalf of the store. There is free parking for Tesco customers in the shopping centre and another, paid, car park serving the rest of the centre. It was visited early on a Thursday lunchtime and was fairly quiet.

The cafe serves a variety of hot and cold foods, including sandwiches, paninis and breakfast items as well as cakes, pastries and biscuits and some other desserts. The cafe works on a canteen system and you choose your food and drinks from a number of manned and unmanned hot and cold counters, pay for it, then find a table.

If your food needs to be cooked to order and it isn’t ready by the time you have paid, it will be brought over to your table when ready. There are packet condiments, cutlery and serviettes available from a counter after the till.

The Food

The dish ordered was a Whole tail Scampi with Chips. It could have been had with peas or carrots, or bread, as well. The drink was a 500ml bottle of Pepsi. Although a cup was provided, there were no actual glasses for the bottle drinks.

This was a decent sized portion of both the chips and the scampi which, being whole tail, were not the reformed scampi that used to be very common. The scampi was served in a small dish on the plate that the chips were on. Both the chips and the scampi were hot and hadn’t been overcooked. Both were nice enough, but nothing special.

My Opinion

The meal came to a total of £7.05. The food from the Tesco Cafe is okay, but not exceptional, with a decent quantity being served. The same can be said about the price; again, this was okay but not the best value. There are better value places around that serve better food. The cafe is convenient if shopping in Tesco and is probably cheaper than most of the places to eat in St. Stephens that are not fast food restaurants. A basic and not stand out place to eat. 2/5.