Luxury Garden Design Ideas and Landscaping

Defining a luxury garden in the introduction to Luxury Private Gardens (Haike Falkenberg, ed.), Andrew Pfeiffer calls it “a paradise garden that gratifies all the senses.”

garden-ideas-uk-luxury-with-photos-of-garden-ideas-decor-new-on-designThe luxury garden as a grand spectacle of cultivated, manicured, and artistically designed nature has a rich, globe-spanning heritage. From the elegant scholar’s gardens of China to the pleasure gardens of Europe and the Middle East, those with the necessary means have long designed large-scale, intensely beautiful landscapes for relaxation, intellectual and artistic contemplation, and—in some cases—public enjoyment.

Defining a luxury garden in the introduction to Luxury Private Gardens (Haike Falkenberg, ed.), Andrew Pfeiffer calls it “a paradise garden that gratifies all the senses.”

For me, creating a garden is about maximising the potential of a place – creating a story through a narrative of details, as every outdoor space can possess beauty and meaning. I feel inspired designing in a contemporary vernacular, though I try to produce timeless pieces in the use of materials, shapes and volumes – I do not want my gardens to date rapidly, but to age gracefully.

We love to design both contemporary garden design schemes as well as traditional garden schemes.  We have designed and built gardens for small courtyard spaces, luxury penthouse rooftop gardens through to large country estates of several acres.  Each garden is bespoke and a truly innovative landscape design approach is taken with each and every garden design.We provide our garden design services within both the UK and Internationally, and are more than happy to provide garden design and landscape design in our home counties of Hertfordshire and Essex.

Beautiful-Small-Garden-with-Luxury-Outdoor-Loungewe also provide a full landscape construction service, following through from our Luxury Garden Designs or working from your own. Our efficient constructions specialists are qualified to take care of all aspects of the garden build, from planning to planting.A beautifully designed garden is literally ‘the room outside’; a place where you can relax and enjoy the changing seasons and a place that reflects your own personality. From Concept to Construction, we will manage the whole project for you.

When choosing a garden designer it’s important to ensure that you’re talking to someone who understands your wants and needs and someone who will provide you with a beautiful garden, designed and drawn in full consultation with you.

We have created some truly impressive courtyard gardens as can be seen from these pictures. This area was originally used for parking in front of the house, we created a wall and a pair or ornamental gates and designed a scheme which would be low maintenance with European stone and pebbles and a water feature with the seated lady. The planting of mature shrubs created an instant garden. This work was carried out over a long weekend as a surprise for our client, which makes an idea gift idea. We can work with you for that very special garden make-over surprise gift.


“From the start, we knew that these terraces would be an extension of the indoor living spaces with elements of a garden scattered throughout,” Keeley says. This meant that there would be more hardscape than plants. Upholstered furniture was used on both terraces to soften the design. Each terrace also has a fire feature that takes the chill off when the homeowners are watching football on their outdoor televisions.

The flooring of each terrace was also selected with comfort in mind. “Originally they both had floating wood decks, but I wanted something that would be better for bare feet,” says Keeley. For one terrace, recycled Trex decking provides the wood look but with less maintenance and no risk of splinters for the owners’ grandchildren. On the other, floating quartzite pavers provide a smooth, cool and elegant surface.