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Luxury Spa Holidays in Cyprus

The island country of Cyprus is one of the most exotic holiday destinations. This is the country of mythical stories and folklore. The country is known for its pristine beaches. It is an ideal destination to travel with your family or your special one. Cyprus is the known land of romance. Surprise your wife with a luxury spa vacation to Cyprus this anniversary and win her heart all over again. Sun bathing by the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean is one of the best ways in which you could relax while on a holiday. Book a luxury spa resort in Cyprus and enjoy your vacation like never before.

A luxury spa holiday in Cyprus would essentially mean you booking a nice resort in the place of your choice. Decide on which part of Cyprus you want to base your vacation in. You could choose the northern part of the country which has five major towns. The climate is slightly on the warmer side with rains between November and March. This part of the country is also experiences mild winters and dry summers and weather can change unexpectedly. The best time to visit any of the towns of Northern Cyprus is spring and autumn.

When in Cyprus you must make it a point to visit as many beaches as you can. If you had to pick the top three beaches in the country the Agia Napa, Dassoudi and Nissi beach will surely make it to the list. Each beach has is unique with lot of fun and activities in store for visitors. There are 52 Blue Flag beaches in Cyprus that attract tourists all year round.

Most of the luxury resorts in Cyprus are located very close to these beaches. Pick your favourite location and book a spa holiday for you and your special one. The holiday will include everything from sight-seeing to specialty spa therapies. You could make your Cyprus spa holiday a weight loss or a detox holiday. You could also make it a yoga spa holiday and practice different forms of your favourite exercise by the cool blue sea under expert guidance.

During the day you could visit the town and interact with the Cypriots who are known to be extremely warm and hospitable. No one could tell you better about the city and its rich history and heritage than the people who have lived there all their lives. When in Cyprus you must try out the local cuisine. Try the Special Cyriotic Dishes. The food in Cyprus has a lot of Turkish influence and so does the culture in general. You could also engage in sports like golf while you are enjoying your stay in one of the luxury spa resorts in Cyprus. Visit the various historical sites which include a lot of famous churches. While in Cyprus there will be no dearth of what you can do. You just need to find the best spa resort in Cyprus and enjoy all the holiday activities along with special spa therapies to relax and rejuvenate you.

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