Macintosh computers by product line

Macintosh computers are manufactured by Apple and they are affectionately called Macs; there are several models to think about when looking into Macintosh computers by product lineMacintosh computers by product line Each of these models offers some unique characteristics. They all come with the great service and styling that Apple is known for delivering to its customers. With so many products available one can find the perfect computer model that will best suit his or her needs.

Portable Macintosh Computers by Product Line

Macintosh computers by product line

The MacBook Air is a technological marvel. This lightning fast notebook is incredibly thin and light weight. It is also durable because of its aluminum unibody shell. This powerful product is so portable and lightweight that one will want to carry it everywhere and will find doing so easy and super convenient.

The MacBook Pro comes in three sizes: 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch. These laptops offer state of the art processors, lightning fast speed, high resolution graphics and much, much more. They are great for every computer application from gaming to high-tech video viewing. With Apple’s great OS X Lion operating system these computers can do even more than ever.

Desktop Macintosh Computers by Product Line

Macintosh computers by product line

The Mac Mini is one of several listed when one searches for Macintosh computers by product lineMacintosh computers by product line. This little computer is less than 8 inches square and is only 1 ¼ inches thick. It can fit on any desk. It can be connected to a high definition television with a single HDMI chord and graphics show well on the big screen. It can be upgraded to add more memory with a twist of the wrist making this one of the most easily upgradable computers that exists.

The iMac is technologically so advanced. The all in one is sleek and modern looking. The fact that this computer has only wireless components means that it is incredibly adaptable for the home or office and the desktop can be clear and uncluttered because all peripherals can be put away when not in use as they are not wired to the computer. These even have the added bonus of a built-in HD camera for Face Time.

When further looking into Macintosh computers by product line one will also discover the MacPro. This tower houses the most powerful processors and can easily be the fastest Mac ever made. It is durable and is known for its long life tendencies. There are options for solid state drives and the easy access interior of the tower is made for ease of expansion so that more processing speed and memory can be future considerations.

When trying to decide whether to choose a portable or a desktop model one should research all Macintosh computers by product line to determine which category works best and will most meet the individual’s computing needs.