Made In Detroit

There are a lot of things that are made in Detroit and we are know for the cars that come out of detroit but did you know that Detroit has a clothing line that is hot right now and yes its made in Detroit . Its shocking we all know but Deroit has some great styles for men and women that are trending the USA and its called Love Life Swagger. Which was created in detroit in 2009 and is helping Detroit get its swag back.

Now there are a lot of cars that come out of detroit and believe or not there are a lot of t-shirts that come out of Detroit too, like Made In Detroit, Down With Detroit, and Love Life Swagger, which is the biggest of the 2 t-shirt companies that are in Detroit. There is a lot of automotive swagger aound the motor city and Love Life Swagger would like to be the one selling you the swagger.

Made In Detroit has a lot to it there are a lot of hard working people in Detroit that make this city what it is and Love Life Swagger is one of the company’s that is helping put the swagger back in to the city of Detroit. When you look at Detriot you might not see what a lot of people see but there is still a lot of great swagger left in the city and Love Life Swagger wants to help bring it out in Detroit by its t-shirt designs and creative minds on swagger.

In Detroit we work hard and play hard thats what Made In Detroit is all about, so next time you see a Made In Detroit shirt look for a Love Life Swagger Shirt because thats what we do here too. When it comes to Living life in Detroit we want to have fun doing it and that is one of the missions with Love Life Swagger is to do what you love and have that Detroit Swag with it too.

Detroit has always been about the swag of the people and wanting to help one another out and that is what the biggest clothing line in Detroit is going to do, Love Life Swagger is about the quality of life and having fun with it.