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Madonna: Making 50+ Relevant

People have called Madonna an icon, a bad girl, a revolutionary, a dance queen, and a rule breaker, all of which are true and none of which encapsulate the force that is Madonna. She was and still is a powerful influence in popular music. Her musical force will be on display once again during her current Rebel Heart tour.

Released on March 9, 2015, Madonna’s 13th studio album Rebel Heart was received by critical acclaim. Billboard proclaims, ‘These songs unfold slowly, building through foreplay-like intros before hooks are displayed over a shifting series of textures. . .’
Rolling Stone says, ‘Deep down, Madonna does have a rebel heart — and you can’t fault her for reminding us that pop music is all the better for it.’

She begins her tour August 29 in Miami and plays numerous U.S. dates before heading to Kohn, Germany on November 4th,so you better grab your Madonna tickets now.

Madonna shows are legendary orgies of excess that satisfy fans and break records. Her 2008/2009 Sticky and Sweet tour is the highest grossing tour for any solo artist ever. She successfully meets the demand to ‘top herself’ every time she performs, which means concert-goers are never disappointed by the show’s theatrics.

Born in 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, she relentless pursued fame and fortune, determined at a young age to escape her conservative upbringing and make a name for herself. She experimented with being a showgirl in Paris and a member of several bands. After she went solo in 1981, she quickly became the biggest thing in pop music, overshadowing the boys on the music scene. In her first ten years as a solo act, she had 21 top 10 hits in the US alone. Currently, she has sold over 300 million albums worldwide.

Madonna has never shied away from controversy and has been accused of courting it. Her battles with Catholicism are well known from being referenced in her songs and stage performances, causing great consternation among those in the church. Her insistence on risque costumes and lyrics, as well her off-stage antics have made her loved by many and despised by some. She has steadfastly refused to behave as others think she should and, in the process, broken down stereotypes of what a female pop singer should be.

She has had less success as an actress,director,and producer, though she did win critical acclaim for her role as Eva Peron in Evita, the 1996 movie costarring Antonio Banderas. Many doubted that she had a strong enough voice for the demanding film version of the Broadway hit, but Madonna enlisted the aid of a voice coach and pulled off the difficult music effortlessly.

The Rebel Heart tour is a culmination of all the craziness and beauty that is Madonna, who now at age 56, shows us that she is still relevant to the music business, modern culture, and rebels everywhere.

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