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Magnetic Clasps: To Use or Not To Use

It has been several years now since I started working with beads and creating jewelry pieces. Until now I can’t forget how I felt as a beginner. There was confusion as to what beads to use, which wire to buy, and the findings! I just didn’t know which clasp to use to finish my necklace. Today, I’m not like that anymore. Of course the years have taught me well. Even with new jewelry making supplies coming out, I can tell which bead, or wire, or clasp will be best for my design. An example of a new product is the magnetic clasp. It’s new because it came later than the other types of clasps, although I already heard about it a few years back. It is sold at beading stores and online, such as the pandahall.

A magnetic clasp is one type of jewelry finding that has become very popular to many crafters. It comes in various forms, but the most common which you may find at pandahall is the shape of a button that can be secured to a bead tip or another finding, which is then secured to a beading wire or any kind of threading material. However popular this clasp can be, some jewelry designers do not find it always suitable for their designed projects, and they have their own reasons.

One issue is the strength of the magnetic clasps. I heard a fellow beading enthusiast complaining that the clasp using magnets are very difficult to take off although they are very easy to put on. What she was doing then to open the clasp was tugging at them so hard she nearly broke the bracelet. The sales staff I was communicating with at pandahall suggested that you only need to slide the buttons at opposite directions and the clasp will come off very easily. Obviously, my friend was doing it the wrong way.

Another crafter mentioned that each time she attaches the magnetic clasp to the bracelet, the clasp keep on sticking to the nose of the pliers she was using. So, she always get frustrated with this problem, which to me seems just a small issue, and can be dealt with very easily.

Before I decided to agree with these magnetic clasp “haters”, I thought that it will help me more if I test the clasp myself. So I bought a few pieces from pandahall and tried one on a chunky bracelet that I was working on. I wore the bracelet all day in the office, constantly moving my hands. I wore it still at home at night and found the bracelet very comfortable. The clasp did not give me any issue about being not so secure. In fact, it was very secure.

About the issues on the magnets difficult to pull off, and sticking to the pliers’ nose, you can forget about them. You need only some techniques to deal with those problems. They are not hopeless cases, you know. What I would like to tell you is that I love magnetic clasps; I love to buy them from pandahall, and I love to use them in my jewelry projects, especially bracelets.

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