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Magnetic Knife Rack

Sometimes it is essential to streamline life at home. When homeowners or apartment dwellers look around and find that they can no longer find anything, especially when someone is waiting to walk out the door for an important event, they might realize it is time to start a bold new project. Organization is simple and natural for some people. However, for many others it is a foreign concept to follow any formal or traditional style of organization, but if necessary, they can learn, and there are many tools that make the process simple.

Starting in the kitchen, there are many ways to organize everything from the knife drawer, by adding a wall-mounted magnetic knife rack, a drawer organizer for utensils and so much more. Sometimes it is especially challenging to keep cupboards organized, but one trick people can use is repurposing tension curtain rods for dividers between plates, pans or anything else. Using the idea of magnets on the refrigerator for more than just for kids’ drawings. Placing magnetic spice rack containers along one side of the refrigerator works on many levels, which include eye appeal, extremely easy access for chefs who love spices and plenty of free cabinet space. Homeowners might also look for racks to hang on the wall to accommodate utensils. The refrigerator is another place to make better use of the space. People can insert a turn-table, or Lazy Susan, to see each item easier by giving it a spin. Pull-out baskets are perfect for produce items in the refrigerator. One peek at a basket full of lemons tells the seeker to look elsewhere.

Closets are another area where people find it challenging to maximize a smaller space, which is obvious since there are businesses based on this one area. One idea is to use pants hangers, which feature the clips, to hang a healthy supply of above-ankle length boots to help keep their shape and prevent wrinkles in them. Placing some inexpensive crown molding high on the closet walls makes for a perfect shoe mount. Divider shelves are perfect for storing sweaters since wearers can see the colors at eye level without digging through a drawer. This method also helps keep them fluffy and ready to wear. Shower curtain rods make solid purse hangers, making handbags easily visible and helping keep their shape.

The bathroom is another area that often needs some spatial reconfiguration to keep things running smoothly. Magnets inside of the bathroom medicine cabinet work wonders, making them the perfect place to hang tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, lash curlers and more. Repurposed PVC pipe is a great way to store curling rods and hair straighteners and their cords. magnet4sale.com

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