Maja Salvador on Twitter

If you want to follow Maja Salvador on Twitter, her user name or account handle in the very popular social networking site is @dprincessmaja. The actress is quite active in using the site. She always updates her account in a daily basis. Sometimes, she even posts several tweets in a single day. That said, if you are a fan of Miss Salvador, you might consider following her on Twitter as she regularly posts about what she’s up to, what projects she is currently working on, what events she is preparing for and a whole lot more. You can also follow her tweets as she interacts with other actors and actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry. Following Maja Salvador on Twitter is like watching her life unfold in front of you. And that’s what every celebrity fan aspires for, right? The opportunity to get up close and personal with the people that you respect and idolize.

A Short Biography of Actress Maja Salvador
Born in Aparri, Cagayan province on October 5, 1988, Maja Salvador comes from a family of actors. Her father was a popular actor. And she is the niece of action movie star Phillip Salvador. She started pursuing a career in showbiz in 2003 although her first television appearance was in 2001 when she played a role in the popular Kapamilya series Maalaala Mo Kaya. From there, her career started to blossom. More and more acting opportunities opened up for her in both television and movie platforms. She has starred in major Kapamilya TV productions such as May Bukas Pa, Impostor, My Binondo Girl and Lumayo Ka Man sa Akin.

Maja Salvador has also appeared in several movies that range from horror to romantic comedies. These include My Cactus Heart, Shake Rattle and Roll, One More Chance, First Day High and Sukob. For her work in both television and movies, Salvador has earned nominations and awards from the top award-giving bodies in the Philippines. For example, Maja has won the Best Actress award in the 2012 Gawad Urian awards. This is in recognition for her work in the drama film Thelma.

To start following Maja Salvador on Twitter, of course, you need to have to create an account first. Don’t worry, joining the micro-blogging site is free. You aren’t going to pay anything just to get in. All you need is an email account to register. You can make use of Google Mail or Yahoo Mail. Or any email service provider you are most comfortable with. What’s great about Twitter is that it can almost act like a search engine. You can just type a topic you are interested in on the search bar and you will be provided with the tweets of people from all over the world who are currently tweeting about the topic you searched for. It can indeed be a very effective way to keep yourself updated about the things you love or are passionate about.

We repeat, the real Maja Salvador on Twitter makes use of the account user name @dprincessmaja. Don’t be fooled in following the dozens of copycats and fake accounts proliferating in the site.