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Major forms of Japanese Entertainment

The Japanese entertainment industry is known all over the world. It is one of the largest industries in the world and is also the most innovative. If you are planning to visit Japan for work or for leisure, learn about the major forms of entertainment in Japan.
Karaoke-karaoke is the favorite pastime of people in Japan and is loved a lot by the tourists too who happen to visit Japan. It involves singing of songs to music along with lyrics displayed on screen. Traditionally, karaoke involved patrons singing in front of everyone in karaoke bars that used to cater to primarily male clientele. Modern karaoke establishments are different. They consist of various private rooms or karaoke boxes that are equipped with karaoke player and microphones. One can enjoy both Japanese as well as English songs in Japanese Karaoke. Plus, one can order food and drinks in karaoke boxes through phones that are placed over there.
If you are looking for night entertainment in Japan, karaoke is worth trying.
Pachinko-this is yet another famous Japanese entertainment. Pachinko is a unique combination of slot machine and pinball. The player has to control the speed with which the steel balls are thrown into the pachinko machine. Most balls fall down the machine and disappear. Only a few find their way into the special holes. When this happens, players win countless new balls. Players can exchange these balls with the goods that are available at the pachinko parlor. One can even exchange these gifts for cash at the small windows that are placed just outside these parlors.
Pachinko is played in pachinko parlors in Japan that are found everywhere. Pachinko parlors are easy to recognize because of their bright colorful nature. Inside the parlor, the ambience is usually loud and smoky.
Manga and anime-Manga are the Japanese style magazines. They boast of a wide range of genres, including history, fiction, romance, science, profound themes of life, and many others. These comics are divided in to four main categories to cater to different target audience-boys, girls, youth, and matured.
Anime refers to the Japanese styled animation. Usually when Japanese manga becomes popular they are made into anime. Original scripts are also written for anime.
When you would visit Japan, you would come across Manga cafes and maid cafes. Manga cafes comprise of a library of manga where people can read the manga for a specified period of time by paying a certain fee. Manga and anime grand events are also held during the course of a year and there are special places to shop for manga and anime related things.
Movies-movies are also an integral part of the Japanese entertainment industry. Movies are produced since time immemorial in Japan. You can enjoy popular animated movies, as well as western movies at theaters in Japan.
If you wish to enjoy Japanese entertainment, learn the Japanese language. You may also hire someone who offers Japanese English translation or English to Japanese Kanji translation for a better understanding of the Japanese Manga and Anime or Japanese movies.

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