Make a Halloween Haunted Forest (Halloween Decor)

Feeling brave this Halloween? Why don’t you turn your home into something ghoulish and different for the holiday?

Instead of a haunted house why not try a haunted forest? It’s not exactly Home Sweet Home but it’s an atmosphere great for a Halloween party.

Classic haunted houses are great. But sometimes it’s nice to do something new. A haunted forest is just as creepy as a haunted house look, but it’s something a little different. You can start the forest look in your front garden and add to it though your house for Halloween.

Building Your Forest

Every forest needs a few trees. Your garden probably has what’s needed for your outdoor entry but you’ll need to keep this going inside your house. Black Halloween pine trees create a good effect. You can also buy a forest room role to create a creepy atmosphere.

Black Spruce Tree Friday 13th Forest Room Roll

Add a Graveyard

You can add extra atmosphere by making a graveyard in your forest. You can either do this in your garden or inside the house. Halloween tombstones are essential for this. Just make sure you check whether the tombstones are for using inside or outside first.

Other creepy decorations can also give a great effect to your forest graveyard. They can also be used around your forest. Think about crows, bones, bats and even ghosts and zombies.

Halloween Tombstones Raven Sitting on a Skull

Guardians of the Forest

Don’t forget to protect your forest in some way. A Halloween gate and ghoulish gatekeeper or giant spiders will do the job. You can even light your guests’ way into your house on Halloween night skeleton style.

Goulish Gatekeeper and Gate Giant Spiders