Make A Memory Foam Dog Bed

Things You Need to Know to Make a Memory Foam Dog Bed

To make a memory foam dog bed, one must first understand important details about it. One in particular is the reason why memory foam is used. What are the benefits it presents? And of course, you also need the procedure in making one. All these things combined would ensure that you are building the right dog bed for the right reason. Furthermore, you will also discern if it is highly needed or not. As you know, memory foam itself is already expensive. Thus, another question arises. Is it really worth it?

Why opt for memory foam dog beds?

First, pet owners prefer dog beds made of memory foam for the comfort it brings. Memory foams are known to possess balanced features. Meaning, it is not too soft and not too hard. This provides optimum support while experiencing a comfortable environment.

Another main reason is its function to relieve pain. When it comes to dog’s tolerance to pain, it is high and unnoticeable. As dogs grow old or born with a hip defect, eventually pain due to abnormality or arthritis occurs. Dogs will only react to extreme pain. Thus, you will only notice it once it in an advanced stage. Nonetheless, purchasing memory foam beds for your dogs would relieve the pain while sleeping. One should still consult veterinarians for appropriate treatment.

Benefits of using memory foam dog beds

Aside from comfort and therapeutic claims, durability is another major benefit a pet owner can gain from this dog bed. You don’t have to replace it every year. Hence, you can save more in futuristic view. Furthermore, memory foam is safe and non-toxic product. Dogs are known to chew almost anything. For that reason, it is best that precautionary methods are applied. However, the problem with this type of dog bed is the price. Thus, your next option is to make a memory foam dog bed.

How to make a memory foam bed for dogs?

Material you’ll need in making dog beds are memory foam, bands, waterproof fabric, thread, scissors and sewing machine. You will also need a measuring device such as a yardstick or tape measure. In regards to the fabric, you should opt for stain resistant such as vinyl upholstery especially if your dog has advanced arthritis.

Measure you dog’s size by starting from nose to tail end. Cut the foam according to the measurements obtained with 4 inch allowance. Next is to cut two fabric pieces according to the foam’s size with 1 inch allowance. As for the band measurements, let it go around the foam’s side and add 6 inches allowance. Attach the band to the fabric’s sides. Sew the seam line 3 inches from the side. Once the seam line is done, turn the fabric around where in the right side is out. Place the other piece of fabric against the band edge. The right side should be down. Sew three sides of the cover and turn it so that the right side is out. Insert the memory foam. Fold and sew the remaining side to close.

As a final thought, considering your dog’s comfort it would be truly worth your time, effort and money to make a memory foam dog bed.