Make a Mummy Pizza for Halloween

It’s that time of year, time to make some creepy food! Easy is best, since you are probably pretty busy. This mummy pizza is the perfect way to add a little holiday spookiness to your food. While there are a number of different ideas, everyone loves pizza and mummies are so quick and easy to whip up that your kids could even do it. This makes awesome Halloween party food!

You will need to start with the pizza dough. You can buy pre-made pizza crusts or make your own. I recommend doing these as individual pizzas, since that makes it easier and they are more fun to eat.

mummy pizza

Start out by forming the pizza crust if it isn’t already formed. Flatten it out with the heel of your hand and turn the plate so that you get a flat, round pizza crust. Then spread with any tomato sauce you like. Now it’s time to decorate that pizza.

You will need some sliced mozzarella cheese to get started. Don’t try to do this with grated cheese, since it will just spread all over and look messy. You will also need one olive. For my pizza, I used green olives with pimiento stuffing, but black would work, too, and probably be more striking. If you don’t have stuffed olives, put something in the middle to give contrast. Red pepper would be an obvious choice, but you could also do mayonnaise with a black sesame seed in the center. Or a ball of more cheese.

Cut your olive in half and put it on the upper part of the pizza for eyes, the cut side facing up. Now you need to cut your cheese into half inch wide slices and lay them across the pizza to form the mummy wrappings. Just criss-cross them as necessary to create the look. Don’t forget to lay at least one piece between the eyes.

Once you have finished covering the pizza with cheese, you can go ahead and bake it at 350° for 10-15 minutes or until the crust is baked and the cheese is melted. This is a fun way to make a Halloween pizza!