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Make A Style Statement With Samsung Galaxy A3

The latest smartphones are not just smart, they are classy as well. The full metal bodied Samsung Android is one the flagship models that ditches the polycarbonate exteriors that have been part of the brand for a long time. But the design elements remain the same. The recent application keys, the power button that is easy to reach, the card slots and others that you find on every Samsung phone. Though a basic level model, it boasts a wide range of unique features. The colors and specifications grab eyeballs. A screen resolution of 540×960 megapixels offers great pictures in an HD display.

Clicking pictures is easy
The phone comes with a stunning 4.5inch display and a luxurious design.
• The front camera and the wide screen is perfect for selfies and groupfies, and you don’t even need to touch a button to click the photo, your palm or voice is enough.
• It makes use of a voice recognition and image detection technology that makes it possible to take pictures in such an effortless way.
• Make the group photos bigger by merging two or more pictures taken from different angles into one selfie.
• It covers a wide range of 110 to 120 degrees in portrait mode and landscape respectively.

The internal specifications
The device has a 1GB RAM, quad-core processor and runs on Android KitKat. It means you will be able to listening to great music and watch movies seamlessly. Running a number of apps will be equally easy and speedy.
• The internal memory is 8 GB and can be expanded to 64 GB. The display is great and brings to life the pictures that it takes.
• The AMOLED technology gives very bright colors and high contrasts. The Samsung Galaxy A3 has a smart and adjustable audio that adjusts to the amount of surrounding sound and gives you the correct volume that helps in hearing and speaking.

Save the battery
The phone has a unique power saving mode that shuts down unnecessary functions and saves the battery. So you get around 15hours without having to recharge the battery at all. If you are using the phone gaming and watching videos then also you can get a cool four to five hours of screen time. It lengthens the battery life that is one of the best things about Samsung Galaxy A3, and it keeps it useful. It is available in a number of great colors like platinum Silver, Champagne Gold, Light Blue, Midnight Black, and Pearl White.

Great model and price
Your search for the solid phone that is user-friendly and effectively priced ends here. You can get all the benefits of a standard Android phone with this one plus the all-metal sleek look and finish that acts as an accessory when you hold it in your hand. Great battery backup is something that is essential in phones otherwise the purpose of carrying one becomes useless. Add to that the high-resolution front and back cameras that let you take great photos and selfies and you have the perfect package you always wanted.

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