How to Make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia

How to Make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia

When it comes to choosing decorations for your home, many people choose to make a Thanksgiving cornucopia horn of plenty. The cornucopia symbolizes a bountiful harvest that is to be shared with others. Therefore when you fill the cornucopia horn shaped basket with squash, gourds, pomegranates, apples, pears, grapes, oranges, pecans, walnuts, acorns, Indian corn, pine cones and miniature pumpkins, fill it so that the harvest bounty spills over.

Make a cornucopia in November and enjoy it as an edible centerpiece throughout the month. The cornucopia looks great displayed on the coffee table or as a centerpiece on your dining table. It adds to the coziness of the room and family and guests will gather around the cornucopia to enjoy the fruit and nuts.

Gather material for Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Buy a cone shaped cornucopia and a large tray to set it on. You may also want to set the tray on a decorative seasonal runner.

Gather your bounty by harvesting fruits and vegetables from your yard or purchasing them at your local farmers market. Collect dried herbs, flowers and an assortment of colorful maple leaves, pine cones, walnuts, pecans and acorns. Many of these items can be found at your local park, craft store or You will also need straw to line the bottom of the cornucopia. Note: When working with edible foods it is best to buy the straw at craft store.


Assorted dried flowers from

Get ready to fill your cornucopia by washing all of the fruit and rinse off the fresh leaves. Allow material to dry before you begin your arrangement.

Set the tray on your coffee table or dining room table. Arrange assorted colorful autumn leaves on top of the tray. Set the cone shaped cornucopia basket on top of the leaves. Add a layer of straw on the bottom of the basket. Fill the basket until it overflows with apples, oranges, pears, mixed nuts and pomegranates. Allow it to spill over onto the tray. Accent the cornucopia with assorted squash, gourds and miniature pumpkins. Then balance groupings of red and green grapes. Garnish the cornucopia with sprigs of fresh fragrant herbs and flowers.You may want to drape some ivy over the top of the basket or branch of red wine berries.


You may want to set dessert plates, napkins and nut cracker next to the cornucopia.

As a centerpiece the Thanksgiving cornucopia will lend a warm and comfortable feeling to your room.