Make an Article Writing Strategy that Works for You

There are some writers that people see earning thousands of dollars each and every month and wonder how they do it. Believe it or not it is a long and hard road. There is certainly no easy road to the success of a freelance writer. Though, making an article writing strategy that works for you can help you achieve the income levels that you see other writers earning. It certainly is not impossible.

Article marketing kings that can pump out hundreds of great articles on writing sites around the web that have terrific search engine optimization and keywords and phrases that work to gain readers do have an article writing strategy. Articles are not simply created haphazardly while they keep their fingers crossed for success. These are writers that have affiliate programs where they have created content that produces customers for their products and services and sit back and gain their income from monetizing their content. How do they do it? They have a great article writing strategy that works for them.

Writers produce this great content continually as part of an article writing strategy. There may be a day off here and there to interact with family and friends. However, writing one or two articles with an article writing site simply won’t do it to earn a great passive income. You have to be dedicated to making your content work to earn monies for you.

There are several things that you want to include in an article writing strategy to make articles writing work for you.

• Gain all of the knowledge that you can
Knowledge is power and this works for everything in life that you want to make a success of, including article writing. There are some gurus that are kind enough to share their success stories and how they make writing for a living work. Read their stories and information and absorb this knowledge like a sponge. There are some strategies that will advise you to write three articles a day for a year for a writing site and you can earn hundreds of dollars each month from one writing site. Others will advise you to write four or five a month for five different sites. Whatever their success stories are, take a moment to review them and develop your own writing strategy.

Review sites that have earnings outside of simply page views like Factoidz where you can gain bonuses of $20 to $30 for each article your write. Find out how to gain referrals so that you can earn additional monies from your articles. Some writing sites have an exceptional referral program that can help you gain a monthly income that is astounding.

There is always something new to learn as a freelance writer and incorporate in your article writing strategy.

• Link building search engine optimization
You don’t have to be a great seo article writer. Though, you better be good. Most writers will get better the more they read and learn new and better writing techniques. The more you write the better you will get. The easier the articles will come. The faster you can verify keywords and phrases and the more terrific content you create the better your income will be.

Building back links to articles is a wonderful source of link building that can get you two or three readers for the price of one. You can discover all sorts of ways to build links to your articles for article writing sites including writing for websites through guest blog posts and other things that put your content where it can be seen and back linked to other relevant content that you may have.

Some article writing sites will permit you to build a better back linking opportunity than others. For an example, Seekyt is one of those sites that are made for back links. You can use it continually without a limit to the relevant content you can link. Other sites like Infobarrel are not really built for back linking, but are wonderful for earnings for your articles and contest opportunities for all of the articles you submit. Review the different sites that you may join like Seekyt and what they can offer you by using them as part of your strategy.

• Traffic to your articles
Traffic to articles is vital. That traffic brings page views and impressions for ads that are monetizing your content as well as customers to purchase your products and services that you have for your affiliate marketing articles.

Getting traffic means keywords and keyword phrases that work. Search engine optimization will drive traffic to your articles. Writing for article sites with a wonderful page rank will like Hubpages will increase the chances of search engines displaying your articles when they enter a query for content.
Writing sites are great for article marketing in many situations. Site such as Seekyt encourage writing Amazon product reviews. If you are an affiliate of Amazon this is the site to join to promote your content and increase your article writing income.

Networking your articles for sites like Twitter and Facebook is also important. However, more time should be spent on the other social sharing sites like StumbleUpon. Consider this, Stumbleupon readers are there to review content. Twitter is mainly used for conversations and communications and viewing articles or content is a secondary activity. StumbleUpon has increased their membership by more than 500% over the last couple of years. This is saying something extraordinary. Over 3 million members want to see great content in front of them and build an article writing strategy that puts it there to make more money.

• Analyze article information
Many writers will perform a rough overview of their articles and performance. However, analyzing article information is important in mapping out strategies for where you want to take your article writing to make more money.

The information that you can gain from software such as Google Analytics is priceless. This gives you information such as where your article traffic is coming from, the most popular articles, what keywords they used to find your content and so much other data that is extremely useful to the writer that wants to produce content that continually earns. One of the best advantages is discovering what doesn’t work so you can be more productive with articles that do work for making income increase and focus your efforts for the best feedback.

These are all techniques, tips and tools that you can use to make freelance writing for a living something that you can enjoy while earning a great living. Don’t expect the income to come rolling in after a couple of days with one or two articles here or there. There are success stories where an article has actually gone viral, but these are few and far between. However, you never know if it could happen to you.