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Make Crafts With Foam Board

How to Make Foam Board for a Craft Project?

There are several ways to make crafts with foam board no matter the amount of money you have. Foam board which is also called foam core is huge project stuff. It is very light in weight, but not flexible, making it possible for easy usage. It is essentially a skinny section of Styrofoam sandwiched connecting outer coatings of poster board, Foam Board are produced in many colors, like yellow, blue, red, white and black. With the help of a pointed useful knife, you can slice it to many shapes depending on what you want, but cutting must be done accurately to avoid slicing the core of the foam and then end up with rough edges.

Ways of making Foam Board

Cutting the foam board will require you to get hold of the essential materials. You will need the following items in order to make crafts with foam board of your choice:

– Utility Knife
– Straight-Edge / Metal Ruler
– Eraser
– Extra Blades for Utility Knife
– Lead Pencil

If you are able to assemble these things, the next thing to do is to draw your pattern on the foam board with lead pencil. The mechanical pencil can be used to avoid sharpening the pencil at intervals. In the project photos, you can make “4” out of a single portion of foam board. The usual chunk of the foam board measures about 20’’x 30’’ x 3/16’’. By applying your meter ruler, you can measure the dimensions of your plan and draw it on the board very gently with pencil to make craft with foam board. Ensure you do not press hard and make a dark line, as it is not important and will end up making it difficult to clean the line later.

Achieving a perfect foam board

After drawing up your plan, get your useful knife and the metal straight edge. It is advisable that the blade in your utility knife is well pointed such that it makes a decent cut as required. If your blade is getting dull after so many cuts, you can change a new one to avoid damaging the foam or getting rough cuts.

Prior to cutting, ensure that you lay your foam on a pinnacle of bulky section of card board. This will make the blade to cut from side to side of the foam board without spoiling anything under it. Always put your metal ruler next to the line of the pencil where you want to cut. Cleave the ruler behind with a strong push only with one hand so that the foam will lay still. Getting a utility knife in your palm put its blade touching the straight-edge metal. Ensure the blade is held in such a way that it will be about forty-five degree angle to the board in order to achieve your target of how to make crafts with foam board.

Conclusively, in order to successfully make crafts with foam board, there is need to apply steady force with the sharp edge of your knife to make sure you have a nice and evenly cut shape. When you cut foam boards, make sure that you are not using dull blades. You should make available extra blades which will be used to change the dull one when the need arises.

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