Make it a Dollar Tree Christmas

Something for Everyone

The blessing of Christmas is often overlooked by the bondage we put on ourselves. The message of love demonstrated through the giving of God’s only Son is hardened by the fact that you forgot to get Aunt Lucy a gift this year. So, instead of enjoying the love or God you have to run out to the nearest 24 hour store in the neighborhood and ‘find’ something suitable so good ole Aunt Lucy won’t get her feelings hurt. After all, we don’t want her to be offended; now do we?

It Is What It Is…

No matter how you turn it, it you buy a gift for one person, you feel obligated to buy gifts for everyone. I know some of you tough guys are saying, ‘Naw, I just get the ones I have to get.’ Yeah, right… you may get the ones you have to get, but you don’t let the ones that you don’t have to get know about the ones that you do have to get; now, do you?

Gift giving is a blessing if you have prepared for it and can do it without having an attitude about it. God gave us Jesus, His only begotten and beloved Son. He didn’t have an attitude about it. He did it willingly and with out begrudging it.

Listen, if you are going to give gifts, fix your face and face your task like the champion you are. It doesn’t have to be hard, and, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Direct Marketing Companies

There are scads of direct marketing companies out there. As such, you are able to find bulk items that for very reasonable prices which you can turn into unforgettable Christmas gifts.

You can Google for online companies that will ship bulk products right to your door. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfume, etc. Something for the men and the women. All of which may be gotten at discounted rates.

My all time favorite is Oriental Trading Company. They are great for the purchase of special decorations, themed parties, personalized gifts and much, much more.

Walmart & Dollar Tree

Listen, these are some of the best low cost stores in any community. If you have been to busy to check out either of these gems, now is the time to do so.

You will surely find those ‘hard to find’ people on your extended Christmas list something suitable and thoughtful (and inexpensive) from these retailers.

A bonus for those of you who are technologically savvy; both retailers have online stores. You can shop without leaving the comforts of your eggnog and mistletoe.

What Am I Saying?

I am saying that if you are caught in the mandatory gift giving bondage, and don’t know how to get out of it without going into a major depression, you might want to try taking the unexpected route. The only thing you have to lose is that haunting guilt because of remembering Aunt Lucy but forgetting 2nd cousin Jerry.